Summer Hots Up At Ibiza Rocks House

Posted on July 10, 2015

It takes a lot to be considered legendary in Ibiza, and there are a few boxes that you have to tick in order to meet the necessary criteria. Firstly, history – there need to be stories, preferably involving superstars. Then there needs to be an element of rock’n’roll, rebellious insouciance, and finally there needs to be a roster of inspired parties that challenge what else is available on the island, in the process inviting people to lose their inhibitions and really let loose. And it doesn’t hurt to have an impressive location too. So, when you add up all these things, there aren’t many places that can be considered truly legendary, but one venue that unarguably ticks all these boxes is Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes, which for over three decades has been blazing a path through the unexpected, delivering parties and experiences that you wouldn’t be able to recreate anywhere else in the world – and that definitely deserves the title of legendary in our book.

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This is a big year for Ibiza Rocks House; it’s celebrating its 35th birthday – and 35 years of putting on some of the wildest, most notorious get-togethers the island has ever seen. And the best thing is that if you drove past this centruries-old finca in the San Antonio hills, you’d probably stop and admire its beauty, having no clue about what’s really going on behind those ancient walls. Like the best house party you’ll ever go to, Ibiza Rocks House is a place to safely run riot– your secrets will always be safe here.

Ibiza Rocks House Opening by Essential Ibiza photographed by Indi Slebur 04

So, as you would expect from a legendary venue like Ibiza Rocks House, it’s celebrating its 35th year in style, primarily by collaborating with some of the biggest and most respected names in music. In fact, this Monday 13 July will see the launch of Mercury Rising, a night that’s going to be headed up by the one and only DJ Harvey. Each Monday until 17 August he’ll be playing all night long, bringing the island a much-needed dose of his classic disco, fresh house sound. We’d advise clearing your diary on Tuesday for this one. Then you’ll have just enough recovery time before Wednesday, when Rock Nights will be presenting The Mansion. You’ll be able to catch the live gig at Ibiza Rocks before heading back to the House for the official after party, in which Rock Nights will deliver a night of fun and frolics reminiscent of the House vibe from the eighties and nineties.

Ibiza Rocks House Opening by Essential Ibiza photographed by Indi Slebur 11

After this there’s a short hiatus to allow you to collect your thoughts in time for the weekend, then on Saturdays the Ibiza Rocks House Party will kick into action. This will bring together the House’s famous characters – including Sunny and his notorious bathtub karaoke, as well as guests including Paco Fernandez and DJs Artwork, Nightmares on Wax and Crazy P. And to finish the week in style is Pikes on Sundays, a day and night of eclectic sounds provided by island icons Mark and Sarah Broadbent and Andy Livesey. They’ll be bringing the tunes while you tuck into a Sunday roast – surely the perfect way to round off the weekend. And, as if that wasn’t enough to keep you going, there are monthly Melon Bomb parties curated by Paul Reynolds, Ben Santiago and Scott Gray aka Chapter, at which you can shake your stuff to soulful, disco grooves.

Ibiza Rocks House Opening by Essential Ibiza photographed by Indi Slebur 17

So if you’re looking to discover the real characters of Ibiza – this is where you’ll find them. And for this we wish Ibiza Rocks House the happiest of birthday years, because the island would be a much blander place without it.