STK Opera Gallery Presents SEEN

Posted on July 21, 2016

Words: Iain Thomson

STK Ibiza and Opera Gallery have collaborated to offer clients visiting the high-end venue in Ibiza two fantastic exhibitions in its debut summer season. The first comes from American artist SEEN, known as the godfather of graffiti, which opened the gallery and has caught the eye and imagination of everyone that has enjoyed it so far.

Located in Marina Botaoc, below the Corso Hotel, STK Ibiza is the latest addition to a scene that offers fine dining and world-class performances in stylish surroundings, enticing the world’s glitterati to drop in. With celebrity appearances already from Eva Longoria and Alesha Dixon, STK Ibiza looks set to welcome starts from music, fashion and film as it cements its relationship with the Balearic beauty. Opera Gallery is made up of 12 galleries located throughout the world, offering an eclectic mix of styles and artworks, underlined perfectly by the opening exhibition of STK in Ibiza.

SEEN 003
SEEN 004

SEEN is a living legend on the street art scene, from New York’s Bronx, he began honing his talent customising cars in his uncle’s garage at the age of 11, graduating to subway cars in the seventies, at the height of the art form’s emergence. The following decade saw his talent recognised internationally and was in esteemed company when his art was showcased alongside Andy Warhol and Keith Haring in the ‘New York/ New Wave’ exhibition at New York’s PS1. Urban Art was in the process of acceptance that had seen the once subversive language accepted within the contemporary art world, moving from the streets to the walls of art galleries and museums around the world, with SEEN at the forefront of the phenomenon. Fast forward to the present and SEEN artwork can be viewed in prestigious and private collections across the world.

SEEN 002
SEEN 001

The final piece of the puzzle that brings SEEN to STK Opera Gallery between July 14 and August 7 is Coburn Projects who work with a range of clients bringing contemporary art related endeavours to fruition around the world. Working with Ibiza Networking has resulted in a quality exhibition, giving patrons of the new Ibiza venue the chance to observe a piece of street art history as part of their STK Ibiza experience. While there is time to set eyes on some of the stunning art from SEEN – his recent return has seen him embrace a childhood fascination with comic book heroes – the second exhibition that will be occupying the gallery this summer comes from Julian Lennon.

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SEEN_Batgirl, 2013
SEEN_captain america's shield
SEEN_Flash 2012