STK Ibiza Opens With Fine Food And Fabulous Entertainment

Posted on May 20, 2019

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: La Skimal

Just when you think you have seen it all on the island of superlatives, Ibiza strikes again and surprises you with an experience you couldn’t have made up in your wildest dreams! That was the thought that passed our collective minds as we found ourselves tucking into a juicy steak while watching sexy feather-clad samba girls shimmy past our table fired on by energetic drum beats while two twirling dervishes completely covered in silver tinsel bounced through the room. It was the official opening of STK Ibiza’s Disco Dinner, and our minds were – officially – blown away!

Since arriving on the White Isle, the internationally successful concept of the STK steakhouse group has established itself as the place to be when you want to go all out on food, entertainment and music. Located in the exclusive Ibiza Town area of Marina Botafoch, the trendy restaurant is conveniently located just a stone’s throw from superclubs HEART and Pacha Ibiza, making it the perfect place to warm up for a night on the tiles – however, with its infectious soundtrack and incredible shows, STK Ibiza well and truly is a destination in its own right!

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We had secured ourselves a table for the Disco Dinner powered by party brand Candypants, and when we arrived at 10.30pm the dining room was already completely filled and the atmosphere electric! From couples enjoying a high octane date night to hens celebrating their friend’s upcoming nuptials, the STK Ibiza experience is a popular choice for every occasion. Taking our seats on the white and black leather bench, our attention was immediately caught by the live saxophonist freestyling to all-time classic house and R ‘n’ B anthems.

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We started the night with a round of STK’s own cocktail creations, all of which were new for this summer. The pastel pink STK Bubbles was a sweet vodka and champagne-powered dream with a delicious hint of bubblegum, while the Green Leaf had a zesty citrus kick thanks it’s potent combination of tequila, green Chartreuse, cucumber and lime juice. Last, but not least, the Elyx Copper transported us straight to the Caribbean with its exotic flavour created by a heady combination of vodka, pear, Angustora, Kalamansi juice and ginger beer.

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The expertly mixed soundtrack of disco favourites, house music anthems and fast-paced R ‘n’ B remixes had us chair-dancing from the get-go, while other diners who had already finished their food were making a foray onto the stage at the centre of the room to bust some moves. Our starters arrived; a mouth-watering selection of the juicy LIL’ BRGS cheeseburger ‘sliders’ decadently topped with a truffle sauce, the slightly spicy ceviche dish Hamachi Tiradito in a zesty mango dressing, a luxuriously creamy burrata cheese accompanied by sun-ripened tomatoes and aromatic pesto and a heavenly mini loaf of warm bread drizzled with molten cheese.

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Ordinarily, this would have been the end of the dinner table conversation as we would have happily ignored anyone and anything for this tasty spread. However, STK likes to do things differently, so just as we had taken our swoon-worthy first bites, a carnival of colours and spicy rhythms exploded onto the room. A parade of ferocious drummers and feather-clad samba dancers was shimmying its way around the tables, dancing with diners and showing off their moves as we watched on in awe. Accompanied by two dynamic dancers completely covered in silver tinsel – kind of like Cousin It from The Addams Family in a lametta costume – and a stilt-walking bear (as you do, nothing to see here), the scene that unfolded was quite literally incredible!

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However, the arrival of our main courses kept us glued to the table for the moment. While STK is, of course, world-famous for its premium grilled meats, there is also a variety of other options on the menu and we tried the perfectly al dente ravioli filled with creamy mozzarella and dressed in a classic fruity tomato sauce topped with crunchy almonds. The Cedar Plank Salmon was coated in a delicious ‘house rub’ marinade and wowed with both texture and flavour, a healthy yet utterly satisfying option for fish lovers. The star of the show, however, was the tender and juicy steak, which was served with all the trimmings including heavenly indulgent ‘mac ‘n’ cheese’, creamed spinach and chunky parmesan truffle chips.

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This truly was food porn at its finest! While we tucked in, operatic drag queen performer Ruby Murry – an Ibiza icon – took to the stage and wowed us with powerful renditions of Diana Ross anthem I’m Coming Out and Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma, which had the crowd that surrounded the stage clutch at their hearts in emotion! Swiftly, the sweet finale to our meal arrived and we polished off a heart-shaped New York Cheesecake doused in Amarena cherry coulis and almond crumbs, as well as the Isla Blance, a whipped coconut ganache served with tequila gel and zesty lime sorbet.

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With most of the room now up on their feet, merrily dancing on stage and between tables, the atmosphere was lifting the roof off the building. Musicians and performers were dancing with guests in a whirlwind of drumbeats and saxophone sounds that pierced the uplifting house tunes on rotation, glow-sticks were enthusiastically waved in the air and it was obvious that everyone was having the time of their lives! If you are looking for an unforgettable, high octane dining and dancing experience, STK Ibiza is, once again, the place to be this summer!

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