Sonica Radio Ibiza 2012

Posted on November 12, 2012

Ibiza 2012 saw Ibiza Sonica radio back out and about, at the heart of every big event and more than their fair share of smaller ones. Ibiza Sonica is dedicated to broadcasting the magic of the island as it happens and including people all over the world in the party, even when they can’t be on the island. We are big fans of the station and all the guys behind it, they have music in their hearts and they always have a smile on their faces whenever we see them. This comes with doing a job you love and doing it for the right reasons.

Sonica maintains an almost omnipresent presence throughout the summer, wherever the party is happening, you can rest assured that they will be set up just behind the DJ booth, broadcasting the action, catching up with the main protagonists and offering a unique insight into how the island works for those stuck at home. They provide a valuable service for people both on and off the island. A value that was recently recognised by its peers as the station was honoured at the International Radio Festival in Zurich. As Sonica goes into winter mode and plans for the new season, we caught up with one of the driving forces behind it, Igor Marijuan, to look back on another successful summer…

Sonica Ibiza essentialibiza 2011_07

How was Ibiza 2012 for you?
Just great, less stress and more action. Nice shows, unexpected broadcasts, surprises in the Sonica studios and we had big fun working and doing what we do. Just radio.

What was the high point of the season?
I can remember a couple of live broadcasts: one was from Carl Cox’s Villa with Lynn and all Safehouse management crew doing ‘The Kitchen Sessions’ both times. First one we did with Laurent Garnier, Giles Peterson, Bushwakha and Yousef with Carl on the phone and the second show was with Locodice and Cox, eating chistorra and Spanish cheese in the kitchen! We set up a DJ booth, a portable radio studio and we did radio from there. The atmosphere was relaxed and they played the music that they wanted, the music that they normally listen at home. Can you imagine Locodice playing a Tracy Chapman tune? The other one was HOSH birthday. Another unexpected great live broadcast. We did a party at Bermuda Ibiza Boat and we went to a beach in Formentera and made a clandestine party there. All broadcasted live. We repeated it the following week keeping the secret of where we were. You know why? The listeners went mad. Have a look to the pictures in the web. But maybe the highest point of the season was wining the award in the International Radio festival.


Tell us about the award from the International Radio festival in Zurich?
We won the ‘Best International Radio Station’ award. It really means a lot for Us. We have won some awards in the past, but this one is a pure radio award. Can you imagine how we feel? We are sure that we’re not the best radio in the world but it’s a nice recognition for our listeners to thank them for choosing Ibiza Sonica on a daily basis.

International recognition from your peers must give you great satisfaction?
Yes, 6,000,000 listeners a month, can you believe that? We never look at our audience figures, I mean; we will never pull out a show for audience reasons. We really want to keep it authentic and now in terms of radio, the listeners went back to a prescription mode use. Radio on demand is nice but people just want to trust in you as a musical selector, so it is a big responsibility that we take seriously and keeps us really active all the time with our eyes and ears 100 percent open. We receive so much nice feedbacks from all over the world and, yes, it does give us great satisfaction.

Carl Cox at Sands

The station is still active throughout the winter, how much does the routine/ programming change from the summer months?
It changes a lot. In winter we become a radio of radios, so we connect with the best moments of the other radio stations that we manage from Sonica broadcast, which are Blue Marlin Ibiza radio, Pura Sonica, Es Vive radio, Seekoo Radio and the new Pioneer DJ Radio, broadcasting simultaneously a selection of underground record labels called Label Playground. The rest of the day we have some live and syndicated shows and new musical slots like ‘Where Is The After Party, Siesta, Sonica Club and others… In terms of live broadcasts we travel out of Ibiza. We´ll go to Lima in Peru on November 24 to broadcast live and also we will host a party and 3 days of live broadcast from BPM festival in January from Playa del Carmen in Mexico. Some other international gigs are also on the way.

What were your expectations when launching the station and how close have you come to realizing them?
Nothing of this was planned. As you know Ibiza is constantly changing and there is not a rule to be in or out. It happens the same with the music and EDM. When we launched the station five years ago we couldn’t imagine the success it has been. Being honest, it wasn’t easy to do it but we can only focus on the present.

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Sonica is the most active when it comes to outside broadcasting, how important is it for you to get amongst the people on the island?
This is our goal. To make the people feel like they are in the event. Why limit the capacity of an event when it can be listened to by the whole world? To have two portable studios that can be easily set up to broadcast straight from the DJ booth is an experience that is lovely to share with our audience. The reaction of the listeners sometimes is mental. They really feel like they are here with us creating the desire of being here, also they can re-listen again to all of the live broadcasts from our mixcloud profile.

How do you see the station developing in the future?
There is no way to plan things in terms of radio and electronic music. We will keep an eye open to technology, social media and of course music. The best way of developing for us is keeping the authenticity with a smile on our faces.

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