Shop Like A Superstar In Ibiza

Posted on October 27, 2016

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: La Skimal

Offering not only a high-octane nightlife, glamorous fine dining experiences and luxury accommodation but also all the exclusivity and privacy money can buy, it’s not surprising that Ibiza has become a playground for the rich and famous. With everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Naomi Campbell holidaying on the White Isle, the Balearic hotspot can cater to every A-List need imaginable, whether it’s a sleek villa tucked away from prying eyes or the latest designer fashions delivered by a personal shopper.

Add into this equation Ibiza’s breathtaking natural beauty – its rugged coastline, golden beaches and azure waters – and it becomes obvious why Russian singer and reality TV star Kamaliya Zahoor chose the island as the backdrop for the music video to her latest single Aphrodite. Essential Ibiza met the blonde beauty while she was visiting renowned local boutique Kurru Kurru, which, this year, has opened a second shop in Brasilian restaurant Pau Brasil on the road to Santa Gertrudis, to shop for outfits to wear in her video.



Kurru Kurru owner and fashion designer Marinela, who is known for her sexy but elegant haute couture creations, was on hand to advise on materials, cuts and colours, as well as the latest trends in White Isle fashion. Catering to high profile clients like Kamaliya with private appointments at both of her stores but also at their holiday homes or yachts, her designs are inspired by the beauty of nature and include everything from sophisticated evening gowns to flowing beach dresses as well as a super cute children’s collection and bridal pieces. Made from organic materials and with non-toxic prints, Marinela and her multi-lingual team can offer everything the discerning and eco-conscious customer’s heart desires. After perusing the rails of the stylish boutique, which will be open all winter between 20.00 and 24.00, with out of hours private appointments availaible, we sat down with Kamaliya to chat about her music, jet set lifestyle and , of course, Ibiza…

Tess_Mike interview Ibizalovesfood by la skimal


Why did you chose Ibiza as the location for your music video?
It was the idea of my manager, actually. But I had been to Ibiza once before and I thought it was a very nice place, so I agreed. I thought the island is a good match for the Aphrodite theme and we can take some very nice pictures here.

Where are you going to shoot?
We have chosen locations by the sea, on the beach and some places that have great design, like a statement swimming pool. It is nice to mix the modern places with the nature and colours of Ibiza.

What kind of outfits are you looking for to wear in the video?
I want to channel a modern Aphrodite. The dress I am looking for today should be very beautiful but also surprising. I have never been shopping in Ibiza before but [from what I have seen] I like the fashion here. And I have brought a lot of suitcases with me… around eight! They are full of jewellery, dresses, cosmetics… I brought everything with me!


How would you describe your personal style?
When I’m on stage, I like to surprise people. In my personal life I would say my wardrobe is chic combined with some unusual pieces.

What is the inspiration behind your music?
Life! I have loved music from a young age and when I was a child I was a big fan of [German pop duo] Modern Talking. I used to kiss the TV screen when Thomas Anders appeared and it was my dream to meet him when I am a famous actress and singer! And then I ended up working with the same producer, Jörn Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, who also works with Thomas. He wrote my new album and Thomas and I collaborated on the song No Ordinary Love.

When is the album going to come out?
We are hoping it will be released by the end of the year. It was a very hard album to record, after Club Opera, which was a fusion of opera and dance music, I wanted to do something new. It was a very successful record and a lot of my songs were played in the clubs here and all over Europe. But I wanted to find something new and interesting.


Is there somewhere in Ibiza you would love to perform?
Of course it is my dream to have a big show. I love dance music and big clubs, so why not? Maybe next year!

How will you enjoy the island when the video is finished?
We tend to travel by yacht and I love to spend as much time as possible in the sea. I’m like a mermaid. And in the evenings, I like to walk around town and take my children to the playground and go out for dinner. I have two twin girls, Arabella and Mirabella, who are three years old.

Do you think they will follow in your footsteps?
They are very smart and are starting to play the violin. They are also learning the piano and in the evenings we play children’s songs together or sing karaoke. They love to sing and they already know my song Timeless by heart. They watch my videos and try to copy me.