RESISTANCE™ Announces Privilege Residency With Sasha & Digweed

Posted on March 16, 2017

Words: Iain Thomson

RESISTANCE™ has announced an eight-week residency at the world’s largest nightclub, Privilege, kicking off on Tuesday July 25 and running until September 12, Sasha & Digweed confirmed as residents for the exclusive Ibiza residency and the Ultra worldwide RESISTANCE™ tour.

Born at Ultra Buenos Aires in 2015 before being rolled out at Ultra Music Festival Miami the same year, RESISTANCE™ has won international acclaim through thoughtful programming, massive production and some of the world’s hottest talent. The Tuesday night residency ion Privilege will signal its first Ibiza residency and it couldn’t have called on two more popular protagonists to headline the assault on the clubbing capital. British legends Sasha & Digweed will be exclusive to the party and with a reputation of delivering a combined musical journey of epic proportions, not to mention a rich history with the island and its clubbing inhabitants, it promises to be a popular addition to the weekly schedule.

John Digweed said: “Resistance has been making massive inroads around the World with their forward thinking lineups, high quality sound and next level productions. To be a part of their first residency in Ibiza is a huge honor and something I am excited to be part of. The fact that they have chosen the biggest club in Ibiza shows they are intent on making a big noise on the island right from the start. There is no better feeling than playing to a massive room full of people throbbing in unison to your set. Really looking forward to playing alongside Sasha and a host of world class DJs on this night.”

Sasha added: “After sitting down with the guys from Ultra / Resistance and seeing the incredible plans they have to transform the venue and then seeing rest of the lineups for the shows, I couldn’t have signed up quickly enough! I’m so excited to be playing these shows with John this summer. When people see the production Resistance are putting into this iconic venue it’s going to blow them away” The exclusive Ibiza residency forms part of Sasha & John Digweed’s RESISTANCE™ world tour, which will take them to eleven destinations this year, including U.S.A, Korea, Singapore, Croatia, Ibiza, China, Bali, Japan, Brazil, Argentina & Peru.