Recharge With Ibiza Balance

Posted on June 29, 2015

Increasingly, Ibiza is becoming a haven for international jet-setters who lead fast-paced lives, travel all around the globe and work hard, seven days a week, for the majority of the year. And of course, that’s because the island is the ultimate place to let off steam, to eat well and to party, but it’s also because it’s now considered the perfect destination for rest, relaxation, and kickstarting a fitness regime that can be continued at home or on the move, long after all the fun has stopped. So whether you’re looking for a week of complete and utter blissed-out indulgence, or you’re looking to detox, iron out niggling body issues or start on the path to fitness, the island is the place to do it, and Anika Hölting and her team at Ibiza Balance are the people you need to call to help make it happen.


Ibiza Balance is a personal spa service that can transform your villa or accommodation into your very own bespoke retreat. Founder Anika Hölting has a dedicated team of professionals who are on hand at any time to ship out to your villa to deliver a package of treatments catered to suit your every need. Each team member is specialised in a unique field, so whatever targets you’re looking to achieve during your break can be achieved and surpassed. Anika herself is a fully qualified physiotherapist who has gained experience all over the world, and she has personally put together a team that includes other physiotherapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, beauticians and nutritionists, so you can put together the perfect package to leave you feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.


So let’s look at relaxation. If you’re hoping for indulgence as soon as you arrive on the island, try the Ibiza Balance Villa Welcome Package (290€) – for three hours you can have a massage for two people. Or if you’re looking for a more prolonged period of pampering, go for the Villa Massage Package (850€), which will give you three hours of massage over the course of three days. If you’re more interested on working on surface beauty, opt for the Villa Beauty Package (560€), which includes six hours of private beauty treatments ranging from facials, manicures, pedicures and waxing – ideal for getting you primed and ready for a big night ahead. Then there’s the all-rounder – the Villa Deluxe Package (1,400€) for two people, which includes a personal wellbeing check up, five daily personal training or yoga sessions, bi-weekly, two-hour massages, and a Vitamindrip infusion – you can even add a raw food delivery or detox juices to the plan if you want to make it even more hardcore. If fitness is your number one priority then without doubt, the Boot Camp Package (750€) is for you. Consisting of 90-minute daily personal training workouts, it’s sure to have you feeling tip top in no time. And then for all-out luxury indulgence, try the Full Day Massage and Beauty Package (990€) – because you get a therapist on standby to deliver massage and beauty treatments as and when you want them throughout the day. And finally, for a quick fix detox hit, try the One Day Break, guaranteed to leave you feeling cleansed, it includes a detoxification massage, an antioxidant scrub and mask and six detox juices delivered to your door.


So, whatever you’re hoping to gain from your trip to the island, Ibiza Balance are on hand to deliver it. Just be prepared to go home feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world.