Poptails Ibiza Ready For 2018

Posted on April 19, 2018

Words: Iain Thomson

There’s nothing better on a scorching hot day than a delicious alcoholic or fruit sorbet to cool you down. If only they weren’t packed full of sugar! The great news for anyone heading to Ibiza this summer is that Poptails by LAPP Ibiza, the innovative cocktail sorbet made from fruits and alcohol, fat free and vegan friendly, will be available at many of your favourite hang-out spots. The delicious ice pops come in seven flavours – five with alcohol and two without and include Punch, Spritz, Whisky Sour, Mojito and Limoncello – wrapped in colourful packaging, they are the perfect answer to soaring temperatures, whether you are chilling at the beach or dancing at the pool party!


Born in London in the Spring of 2016, the brainchild of Parisian students Cécilia & Laura, Poptails by LAPP Ibiza is the perfect combination of the freshness of the fruit sorbet and the naughtiness of the alcohol, resulting in a range of fantastic flavours to choose from. Instantly refreshing with a just enough kick to let you know it’s there, these cocktail sorbets picked up the World Food Innovations award in 2017. Ibiza 2018 will see them available in some of the island’s premier venues, offering a genuinely tasty option when you need to cool down, or if you just want to enjoy a refreshing treat while in the heat.

Poptails Ibiza

As well as brightening up any day at the beach, Poptails by LAPP Ibiza will be available for events and parties on the island. With a colourful set of branding tools and a cool bicycle and cart to give your party an extra sparkle. Over the last two years, Poptails by LAPP Ibiza has featured at more than 100 successful events in London and Paris, adding a refreshing talking point to every gathering. As the temperature starts to rise towards the start of the summer, and you get set for your latest Ibiza adventure, look out for Poptails by LAPP Ibiza when you are out and about on the island, you will not be disappointed!

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