Pikes Announces The Return Of Its House Party

Posted on February 4, 2020

Words: Iain Thomson

Pikes Hotel, everybody’s favourite home away from home, will open its doors for the 2020 season on Saturday April 25. Located on the outskirts of San Antonio, the iconic destination has been responsible for numerous world class gatherings in recent years and this summer looks to be no different as it has already announced the return of the Pikes House Party every Saturday.

House Party 001

Pikes found global fame as the hotel in the Wham ‘Club Tropicana’ video and has welcomed some of the biggest stars on the planet as guests over the years. Superstars of the music scene including David Bowie and Freddy Mercury are just a couple of the inhabitants of this charming country retreat and, more recently, world famous DJs have taken their place. Pikes has the unique ability deliver a house party vibe, with some of the most famous artists taking turns behind the booth. The hotel boasts some fantastic parties during each summer, with the likes of DJ Harvey and Idris Elba just two talented protagonists that return year after year to enjoy the intimacy of the perfectly sized party space.

House Party 002

Saturday May 9 will see the opening of the Pikes House Party, a weekly Saturday night gathering that will run until October 24 and will feature a range of surprise guest DJs. The party gets underway early with dinner in the garden, in the company of Ibiza legend Paco Fernandez before moving inside, where the low ceiling makes for an electric atmosphere. This is a party filled with Ibiza residents and tourists in the know, where the Pikes family has done everything in its power to cultivate that original Ibiza spirit. Our advice would be to check into this stylish. boutique hotel and enjoy a truly unforgettable island experience. Be prepared to pass some of the world’s most famous DJs and producers at the breakfast buffet however!

Pikes House Party