Perfect Picnic Spots With Bohemian Boats

Posted on June 27, 2017

Bohemian Boats give you the chance to be your own skipper for the day, as you circumnavigate the White Isle in your own personal four or fiver seater llaut. Without the crowds, you’re free to go wherever you want, and do whatever you choose. But before you head out to find your own little slice of paradise, pack up a picnic so that you don’t get peckish on your grand adventure. We asked Zander Combe, the director of Bohemian Boats, for his most recommended picnic spots off the coast of the island.

Cala Xarraca may only be five minutes from family favourite San Juan, but the beautiful bay is far less occupied by tourists. It’s less than 100 metres long, and is split into three parts; the middle is the busiest, and either side is more secluded. There’s a restaurant at Cala Xarraca, but we recommend parking your boat near the beautiful shore and dining al fresco. Bohemian Boats can provide luxury picnic equipment so you don’t need to worry about not having the right stuff – the company also provides snorkels and masks, which will go down particularly well in this beauty spot. Once you’ve dined and explored, make sure you don’t miss our on the natural mud bath before you leave – it’s what Cala Xarraca is most famed for, and said to have restorative properties.

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S’illot des Rencli is a little further from San Juan, and about as far north as you can get on the island. The beautiful pebbled beach is one of the most unique on the island and surrounded by classic Ibizencan countryside, making it the perfect Instagram spot as well as a stunning secluded picnic location. Park your boat and wander along the shore, or explore the little coastal town that gives its name to the beach. There are plenty of flat areas in front of the fishing huts where you can sit and dine in the sun – it’s also a beautiful spot to watch the sun set.

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Perhaps the most deserted of all three, Cala Xuclar is a tiny cove, stretching only 35 metres from end to end. If you’re looking for secluded beach time and genuine peace and quiet, this might be your best bet – and the sparkling water is perfect to swim or snorkel in. There’s no catering options save a refreshments kiosk here, so don’t forget to pack a full day’s worth of food and drink if you’re heading to Xuclar. Pull up in the bay and sit atop one of the large rocks while you eat – the views are phenomenal.

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Of course, you don’t have to plan ahead where you’re going to take your Bohemian Boat for the day – the beauty of being your own skipper is that you get to write your own rules. The boats have a sophisticated GPS system, so roam freely, safe in the knowledge that you’ll easily be able to navigate back to where you came from. Whether you’ve got a family day of picnicking and snorkelling planned, or you’re simply looking for the most secluded beach you can for the ultimate island vibes, hiring your own Bohemian Boat allows you to make the choice.

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