One Day In The Promised Land

Posted on December 12, 2015

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Words: Olivia Ebeling
Selected Images: Jamie Groves

That time you got lost in the fields while trying to find the way back to your villa! The cheeky skinny dip at 6am… Chances are that if you’ve been to the White Isle, you’ve come back with a story to tell. For writer Ryan Greenpike, a DJ and former Ibiza resident, one such adventure sparked the idea to turn his experiences of life on the island into a book.

He laughs, “My friend and I went to Amnesia for Cream one night and we ended up being thrown out because his bank card got declined. It was a 120 Euro round and we didn’t have enough cash on us, so they took all the money we did have and chucked us out. I ended up going home and as I sat on my sofa, buzzing from the adrenalin, I decided to use that energy and write a story about it. The book grew from that.”


One Day In The Promised Land is a fast-paced read that follows the stories of well-known Ibiza characters we have all encountered (or been) at one point or another: the goofy holidaymakers searching for a good time on a budget, the ballsy club rep with ambitions to throw the best party on the island, the hens looking to let lose… A bunch of raucous stags, a bouncer trying to keep them all in check and drug dealers risking everything for cold, hard cash. A lot can happen in Ibiza over the course of 24 hours and this e-book is full of surprising twists and turns along the way as the protagonists cross paths; sometimes with life-changing consequences.

If you’re expecting a fluffy sun lounger read, you’re in for a surprise. Combining the romance of island life with a generous dose of grit, Greenpike lifts the lid on what it’s like to work on the White Isle and taking a tumble down the rabbit hole of hedonism. Told from a first person point of view and jumping between characters, you’ll find yourself getting sucked deep into the vortex of Ibiza’s high life, as well as the low points it can bring…

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Here, Ryan tells us how he turned his own Ibiza memories into a gripping read and shares his ultimate Balearic playlist…

What was your first experience of Ibiza?
I was working as a journalist and I got assigned to write a feature on excess. My boss told me to go to Ibiza, stay up as long as I can and get as f****d as I can. I was 25 at the time and didn’t need telling twice! I think I managed around 48 hours of heavy partying…

What made you move out there?
The magazine I worked for folded so I lost my job and I split up with my girlfriend – all in the same week! A friend of mine was out there and she said, ‘Why don’t you come over and do a season?’ I thought, ‘Why not?’

Some of the characters are club reps and PRs in San Antonio. What did you do during your first season?
I got lucky and kind of fell into DJing. A friend of mine worked as a booker for Ibiza Rocks and I had played quite a lot back home, so I asked him if he needed anyone. I never expected it, but two days later I had bull-shat my way to a residency! I ended up staying with them for four years; it was amazing and so much fun. I had the time of my life!

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How did you research the other stories? We take it you have never run an international drugs cartel!
The drug dealer story came about because I had a friend who lived in a squat in West London. One night, they had a party where I met a guy who told me in great depth about smuggling gear out of somewhere. It was fascinating and I knew I would use it somewhere. But it’s also a lot of people watching. The more you observe the people around you, the more you understand about their condition and they all add to the collage in your mind about what humanity is.

The book really takes a look underneath the glamour and glitz Ibiza is associated with…
I didn’t set out to expose the darker side of the island, but it does exist and sometimes it is more interesting to read about the underground. It was fun to step into the mind of some of the nastier characters, too, because I’m nothing like them in real life. It was fascinating to imagining acting like a complete and utter c***t without actually doing anything bad.

You lived in Ibiza for five years. Can you share some insider recommendations with us?
The best steak place on the island is an Argentinian restaurant called El Parador. It’s just up from the Figueretas roundabout and basically has two options on the menu – chicken or steak! The chicken is the most succulent chook I’ve ever had, and the steak… f**k me, they bring out an entire cow! Another great place is Tapas in San Antonio near the Ibiza Rocks Bar. They have this huge outdoor area, the portions are huge and the food is delicious. I spent many an evening getting fat and tipsy there! In terms of beaches, I love Reggae Reggae Beach. Its real name is Playa Pinet and they play loud reggae music all day long and have a BBQ with jerk chicken.

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One Day In The Promised Land by Ryan Greenpike is available now for Kindle on Amazon for £2.99.

Ryan Greenpike’s Ultimate Ibiza Playlist
Promised Land by Joe Smooth
Sueno Latino by Sueno Latino
Last Rhythm by Last Rhythm
Rhythm On The Loose by Break Of Dawn
Belfast by Orbital
Get The Message by Electronic
Someday by CeCe Rogers
Pacific State by 808 State
Big Fun by Inner City
Le Voie Le Soleil (Way Out West Summer Of Love remix) by Subliminal Cuts

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