Ocean Beach Ibiza Delivers Stylish Finale

Posted on October 10, 2017

Words: Tanja Outen

There are few places on the island where you can feel like a millionaire on an affordable budget and Ocean Beach Ibiza allows for that.  Naturally, if you do want to splash the cash around the famous pool, you can do so in its chic VIP area, horizontal on one of the gorgeous beds in your La Perla bikini, sipping on the Veuve until the night falls. Or you can pay a fraction of the usual entry prices in Primarni and still have the time of your life. 

Friday saw the finale of yet another triumphant season, in conjunction with I Saw It First, and Tony and his team were not holding off here. It was utterly and devastatingly fabulous.  I think the pool must have been filled with glitter and perhaps the odd fake eyelash once the curtains fell in San Antonio bay. The summer has seen a repertoire of themes and parties such as Hed Kandi, Soul Heaven, Ministry VIP, Sin Sundays and the infamous Spray and, whatever your day of choice has been, it has exceeded expectations.


Speaking to Tony Truman he proudly praises his wonderful team who have made it such a success and an unbelievable summer season; “After the huge success of season 2016 I really didn’t think we could reach the peak of that season again,” he admits. “But, yet again I have been proved wrong and season 2017 has absolutely smashed it in every single department.  Myself and my partners are absolutely delighted with the magnificent effort our staff has put in.  They have worked tirelessly in a polite and professional manner and that makes me proud of every single one of them.  Thank you to all clients and friends who continually support us.  Without all of them we could never do this!”  Amen.  


And as the farewell 2017 crowd get it on to the sounds of residents and true Ocean Beach Ibiza troupers Tom Crane, Grant Collins, Loeca, Gordon Edge and Jason Bye, as well as fantastic performances from musicians Lovely Laura, Manuel Moore and Gay Kempster on percussion, it’s not hard to see why the concept has been a huge success. It’s the perfect blend of great music, styish surroundings, friendly staff and one of the hottest kitchens on the island. No matter what you’re looking for from your day at Ocean Beach Ibiza, it delivers, and then some! The grand finale is an extravaganza in terms of entertainment too – these girls have serious balls to hang out of cranes, high above the outdoor arena like they do and look bloody fabulous doing it too – whether hanging out of a giant shark or on a merry go round.  Glitter, glam and glitz all around. As we leave for the last time this season we leave with a big smile., missing some eyelashes but who cares.  We had an absolute blast.