Music On Ibiza 2013

Posted on June 17, 2013

Words: Keith Matthews
Images: David Pareja Amnesia Team.

Going For A Re-Up Of Music On

It’s been some time since I last saw the Music On mob… I’ve been back to London, the cold and the wet, the trains running to their usual off kilter timings, the happy cheery people and Music On I’d imagine have probably had similar experiences since I last saw them with journeys as far and wide as New York, Japan to South America and Italy. Anyway, tonight’s the night for me as it’s the Music On opening at Amnesia. I always get a thrill coming to this great club and tonight is no different, I’ve got a group of friends over on the island and everyone is very excited.

Music On 1

Being English means we are there early, nice and early. No matter how long I live here on this great Island I still cant get use to turning up at 3am or 4am, I mean what do you do until then? We arrive in the main room and Never Dogs are lighting up this once hub of all things Amnesia, which in recent years has become the second room, but no mind it’s busy and the Dogs are laying down some fine tunes. We’ve got some amazing visuals to accompany the boys and the club is filling up nicely. A few drinks and an hour or so later and the party is in full swing. The baton changes hands and Joseph Capriati slams into action and has the crowd eating out of his hands. It’s all going off in here, I’ve even forgotten about the Terrace… Now where was it again? It’s nice and intimate in here we’ve got dry ice pumping out and Joseph has the crowd on their feet and smiles abound.

Music On 2

At this point we head through, or should I say I drag the crew, to the terrace, which is starting to fill up for a bit of Re Up followed by crowd favourite Marc Antona, much to the delight of the lucky clubbers packed into the room, Marc’s on form and sporting his customary big smile whilst firing some amazing music at us. Marco Carola, the man of the hour, the master of proceedings is due on for 3am… It’s getting close but there is a feeling something is not quite right as the Terrace still has a bit to go to reach capacity, a fitting number for a man of his talent to play in front of. The time ticks past 3am and no sign of the talented front man of this popular party, puzzled looks surround us as people had clearly set their watches to catch the headline appearance.

Music On 4

Furrowed brows are premature, however, as just on 4am, Marco takes to the Terrace booth and as if by magic, word floods through the venue and the room fills yup almost instantly as people appear from every nook and cranny, under the rocks, in through the exits, it’s an invasion… And we are off!! Marco needs no introduction, the volume is up and he proceeds to set about his mixing, whipping the room into a frenzy with sheer talent and a slew of amazing club nuggets. The crowd reacts accordingly, going wild as the visuals wash over the room, turning it red and then blue as Music On returns to the scene of last season’s triumphant debut. Marco Carola is back on the island, and for the next few months he promises to introduce a selection of friends and peers to a loyal and loving crowd.

Music On 8
Music On 7
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