More Than Just Fine Dining At El Clodenis

Posted on July 26, 2017

Images: Tamara Sini

If your Ibiza knowledge is up to scratch, you might have heard about El Clodenis – the venue is one of the island’s worst kept secrets, tucked away in the pretty residential village of San Rafael but also the place to be seen for Ibiza’s in crowd. This summer, the stylish venue has been reimagined as a 100 day pop up, and trust us when we say you need to get down there while there’s still time. The food is exceptional and the surroundings elevate it far beyond standard haute fare. But El Clodenis is far more than a dining experience, too – you might have come for the food, but make sure you stay for the amazing cocktails, the unique artwork and the intimate hidden club.

El Clodenis has been many things over the years, but the most thoroughly modern take on the venue is upon us – a fusion of cuisine, mixology and artwork. And although traditionalists might think of El Clodenis as a restaurant, no one element takes precedence over the others.



Essential Ibiza paid a visit for a dinner review last month – and let me just say, the food is phenomenal. It’s cooked to perfection by experts (there’s talk of an El Clodenis training programme for budding young chefs on the island, and I can only imagine it would be the opportunity of a lifetime), and the menu is creative and well executed. But there’s also artwork in the way it’s presented – our Himalayan chicken was served under a smoked cloche which was removed with a floruish at the dinner table, and our fish was nestled in a banana leaf parcel before broth was poured over it from an ornate cast iron Chinese teapot. Every course was a spectacle to behold and – much like all the other tables around us – we were totally enraptured by the theatrics.


But the artwork on the dining table isn’t the only visual interest at El Clodenis – everywhere you turn, there’s something interesting and unique to behold. When we met with one of the partners last month, he proudly told us that everything was either sourced specially from exotic locations or even crafted by the disproportionately talented team at El Clodenis. From the bizarre, modernist animal busts displayed high up on floating shelves above the bars or the psychedelic projections onto the hedges surrounding the dining area, there’s plenty of unique points of interest that will have you wanting to roam the venue for hours on end. When you do, be sure to explore all the nooks and crannies in the maze-like concrete interior – there’s a hidden club nestled in the back, which plays host to the fabulous Psychedelic Sex Parties on Friday nights.



And if you’ve come for a dining experience and stayed as long as it takes to dance the night away in a club, you’ll probably want to indulge in a couple of the lavish cocktails. Far from the standard offering, El Clodenis’ talented bar team are on hand to make anything your heart desires – or leave it to them to choose their pick of the best. The bar specialises in mezcal and has one of the largest selections on the island – I like to consider myself a bit of a cocktail aficionado, but when the bartender made me a concoction of laphroaig whiskey, falernum, mezacal and citrus bitters with smoked tobacco scattered around the bottom of the glass, I was absolutely blown away. It was literally the best cocktail I have ever, ever tasted. For those who favour something sweeter, we also tried an almost buttery mix of kraken rum, passionfruit and mango. Whatever your taste, tell the skilled bar team and they’ll find something to suit you – the whole team can’t do enough for you at El Clodenis, yet another thing that makes the experience so special.


I highly recommend you go and eat at El Clodenis in the latter half of their 100 day pop up while you still have the chance – but don’t view it simply as a dinner experience. If you’re looking for a culture trip, a few surprises and the best cocktail of your life on top of the spectacular cuisine, look no further.

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