Marco Carola Looks Forward to Amnesia NYE

Posted on December 27, 2013

Life is good for Marco Carola, his Music On party continues to grab headlines and fill Amnesia every Friday during the summer season, new residencies have taken Miami and New York City by storm at the start of this winter and he is all set to return to Amnesia as the famous venue opens for a Music On special on New Years Eve. In three years Music On has established itself as one of the must visit parties for the army of discerning clubbers that invades Ibiza every summer, as well as being a favourite with the workers, who are very careful with where they pledge their musical allegiance, resulting in capacity parties week after week and one of the finest atmospheres on the clubbing capital. Marco Carola plays at every party, delivering a musical master-class for every episode and inviting some of the hottest DJs and producers – established and new – to perform for the partisan crowd. As he gets set for the massive New Years Eve party, we caught up with Marco as he talks exclusively to Essentialibiza…


Music On has become one of the biggest parties in Ibiza in a short space of time, has the speed of the success surprised you?
Yes of course. The party took off very quickly and we’re pleased that it is so successful after 3 years. There has been a huge amount of effort put in by myself and the rest of the Music On team to create this project so it hasn’t come easy. There is a lot of history with me playing in Ibiza, also Ernesto Senatore and Roberto Postiglione have 25 years experience in the industry and Luca Piccolo brings his experience in international parties. The Music On crowd is a mix of people coming to Ibiza for a short holiday and people that spend all summer on the island working and partying. I play at every party, so I do an intensive job during the week listening to new music to keep my DJ set fresh. This keeps me excited to experiment with new tracks and at the same time makes sure that there is a new experience for that part of the crowd which comes to Music On every Friday.

Does the fact that it has two equally impressive rooms make Amnesia the perfect Ibiza venue for your Music On party?
Amnesia for me is not just the best club in Ibiza but one of the best clubs in the world. It’s amazing the way the space is distributed throughout the venue with really good dance floors and large VIP areas. It’s a club that has been improved year by year to satisfy the clubbers needs and the two rooms feel very different so it’s a very complete experience for them. It can sometimes be difficult for us to work with a club like this though, because it feels like two clubs in one.

Carl Marco Music On

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You brought Carl Cox back to the Amnesia Terrace for the first time this summer, where did that idea come from and how was that party?
We brought Carl Cox to the terrace of Amnesia for the first time ever, so it was a really special moment for us. I have known Carl for many years and he was always supportive of what I was doing so this union came naturally. It was funny to see Carl Cox, a huge superstar with more than 20 years playing at the top, excited like a little kid – this really was one of those unique moments for me.

Have you started thinking about Music On Ibiza next summer yet and, if so, can you give us a hint on who you might be inviting to play alongside you?
We are working right now on the line up. In my opinion we gave the people a great atmosphere and music quality so far and we are happy with this. We can’t really say anything at the moment, but for sure we will have a lot of exciting DJ’s coming to play with us next summer.


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You’ve agreed to host a Music On party on NYE, what can we expect from that party?
Well it has been many years that Amnesia has been closed for NYE. We have seen a really good energy between Music On and the club so this collaboration to make a New Year’s Eve event seemed like a perfect fit. We wanted to work more with Amnesia and we thought this was a great event to do. From my side I will do everything I can to make it a success and from what I hear, people are very happy that we are making this party. We are really looking forward to this event!

What was the thinking behind returning to Amnesia for NYE?
Ibiza is not really that popular for New Year but Circo Loco has been doing New Years Day on and off for a while. In the last years it hasn’t been so popular so what we are trying to do is get the NYE party vibe back on the island.

2013 has been a massive year for Music On, with New York and Miami residencies being added; how did they come about?
Miami and New York are two party cities and there is a lot of potential in America. Underground music is still growing in the States and it is not easy to find it there. This was a new challenge to help us grow and to give us new ideas in a country which already offers a lot of good things. As a team we have some history there too.


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How has Music on been received in New York and Miami, US clubbers are sometimes criticized by the rest of the clubbing world, how did you find them?
I found them surprisingly good. I’m playing to a crowd that are not used to having a club with a weekly residency and to have this kind of concept is a real challenge. I’ve been very happy about the amount of people coming to the club and speaking to me about what a great atmosphere there was and I think the crowd can see that the industry is changing and moving in a new direction.

We caught you in Circo Loco DC10 playing this summer, with a huge grin on your face, how did you enjoy it and is it somewhere we might see you play again?
When I play in Amnesia it is always a challenge as I play a 6 or 7 hour DJ set and I put all my energy in and focus on my music. It’s a big responsibility, and a good feeling to finish with a full club. Circo Loco is an amazing club and amazing party but the DJ’s only play for 1.5 hours, so for me it is a very easy and fun gig. I like what they are doing and how they respect the music so there will be a collaboration again for sure. I have played DC10 a few times but I didn’t play for a few years so it was really nice to be back. When you see that big grin on my face this is because I’m playing a shorter set and I’m a lot more relaxed.

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