Luxury Breakfast Adventure At Ibiza Gran Hotel

Posted on September 22, 2016

Words: Iain Thomson

Ibiza Gran Hotel is Ibiza’s only Grand Luxe five-star hotel consistently delivers to deliver the highest quality for its demanding clientele, whether that is the facilities, the rooms, the service or the unique artwork that decorates the establishment, it strives and succeeds in living up to its Grand Luxe status. No matter what the hotel offers, it makes sure it is the very best it can be and that’s one of the reasons its breakfast has been the talk of the island this summer. The most important meal of the day is one of the things that we look for to set hotels apart, when they get it right it can be the difference between a good hotel and a great one and Ibiza Gran Hotel is a great one!

The five-star hotel takes all of its gastronomic experiences very seriously, with a talented team, led by chef Oscar Molina, time, thought and consideration goes into every part of every menu to make sure it is the very best it can be. What that means for the first meal of the day is that it could be the finest breakfast you have ever tasted! The great news for Ibiza is that this delicious start to the day is not reserved only for guests, everyone can enjoy it, as at very reasonable cost, considering what awaits. The first thing that strikes you is the location of the breakfast, the area showcases the huge array of tasty dishes available and makes you feel instantly at home. The breakfast buffet features more than 400 delicacies from healthy super foods to breakfast favourites, given the Ibiza Gran Hotel twist. Chef Oscar Molina is quick to underline the standing that the breakfast has in his kitchen, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is also the letter of our cuisine.”

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The key to a balanced breakfast, according to Chef Molina, lies in the inclusion of dairy products, whole grains and fruits and Ibiza Gran Hotel goes out of its way to make sure that its Breakfast guests have a wide choice of healthy products to complement the traditional menu ingredients, including gluten free protein bars, sugar free candy and organic jams, to name only a few. Yoghurt plays an important part in the start to the day, with a station offering a choice from Greek to non-fat and a range of additions to personalise the experience, including syrups to enhance the taste (raspberry, mango and agave), fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries or maybe you prefer to add organic muesli. Yoghurt has been said to offer impressive health benefits, from the stabilization of the intestinal flora to the development of good bacteria helping to lower cholesterol and maintaining healthy bone structure.

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There are a number of stations that catch the eye on the Ibiza Gran Hotel Breakfast buffet, if cheese is a favourote of yours, you are in for a treat. “We work with Ruben Valbuena cheeses, the best cheesemaker of Spain, which has a very purist view,” explains Oscar Molina, the head chef of Ibiza Gran Hotel. A visit to the Ibiza Gran Hotel breakfast is not so much the perfect start to your day as it is a culinary adventure you will want to repeat daily! The pastry section, in conjunction with Paco Roig, Valencia’s most renowned pastry chef, offers virtually every cake you can imagine as well as creating 20 different types of bread served in the hotel. Chef Molina has partnered with the very best in local producers to make sure that every palate has something to drool over when guests and customers come for Breakfast. “We like to have something special behind every food – natural juices, jams showcasing local craftsmanship, areas prepared to taste eggs, cereals, yogurts, nuts and even jellybeans complete a perfect gastronomic universe to start the day. A temptation to everyone.”

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