Life In Color Closes In Style

Posted on September 4, 2015

Words: Sarah Connolly
Images: Jonatan Ferrer

Wednesday September 2 saw the debut Ibiza season from Life In Color come to a spectacular close. The world’s biggest paint party dropped into Privilege on Wednesday night for a summer residency as part of its Big Bang world tour that sees it committed to numerous parties across the globe throughout the year. The US based party become the first of its kind to hold an Ibiza residency and with a slew of international talent as well as a strong resident line up, it became one of the must visit parties of the 2015 season. Privilege was the perfect host for the party, the world’s biggest club more than capable of offering a platform to showcase the brightly coloured concept. The beauty of Life In Color is that it offered clubbers a choice, if you didn’t want to get soaked in paint, you didn’t have to. You could enjoy the electric atmosphere and watch the craziness unfold from afar. If you did want to get coated in paint, then the centre of the massive dancefloor was where it was at, as huge paint cannons guided by sexy dancers drenched all and sundry. It has been the perfect introduction to Ibiza and with one last show before the curtain fell, Life In Color planned to go out in style, with Cedric Gervais, DVBBS, Diego Miranda, Eyes Of Providence, Katia Aveiro and Wao taking over the booth.


The Privilege car park was buzzing when we landed and made our way, with a stream of other excited clubbers, to the main entrance. While there is a representation from numerous countries around the world, the crowd is predominantly Spanish, who have welcomed to the paint party with open arms. Shorts and vest tops for the guys and shorts and bikini tops for the girls is the order of the day, if you plan on getting involved on the dancefloor then it’s an idea to leave your designer clobber at home. There has been plenty written about Privilege as a club, it’s known as the world’s largest venue for a reason, but when you step into that main room, when it is already busy and going off, the magnitude of it smacks you in the face. It’s a sight to behold. Wednesday was all about that big room EDM sound that has occupied bigger venues and festivals in recent years and the atmosphere is electric. There was no sign of any paint at that point but the massive cannons cut an ominous shape on the stage.


Life In Color is a fun party and the paint plays a major role but there’s nothing gimmicky about it, if you love your music on an EDM tip, it has you covered. Throughout the summer season it has featured many of the acts that are responsible for wall bending electro anthems and the closing is no different. Canadian brothers DVBBS took great pleasure in dousing the huge crowd, first with a selection of phat beats and throbbing basslines and then with the hoses full of paint. Eyes Of Providence did their best to freak us out with their giant eye-heads, how they see out of them is anyone’s guess, but, when you are throwing fierce electronic nuggets at the crowd, you don’t have to see it to know how it will react. Numerous huge breakdowns were met with monumental roars from every corner of the room. Diego Miranda has been a stalwart of the party throughout the summer and once again showed why he has been almost omnipresent for Life In Color this summer and Cedric Gervais did what he does best and demolished the dancefloor with a selection of bass heavy bangers that showed no mercy.


Life In Color closed just as it has operated all summer, by taking the biggest room in clubland by the scruff of the neck and taking it in a white knuckle ride at break neck speed. The countdown to the releasing of the paint is epic, the giant screens behind the stage playing their part in the countdown as anticipation threatens to take the roof off the great room. When the paint does eventually explode across the floor, there are varying reactions, from the full on dive head first into a soaking to the more tentative, trying to hide until such time as it becomes pointless. The world’s biggest paint party came to Ibiza with lofty expectations and enjoyed every minute of its debut, filling the world’s biggest club regularly and grabbing headlines on and off the island. While we continue to hurtle towards the closing week, Life In Color is off for the next part in its Big Bang World Tour, happy in the knowledge that it painted Ibiza 2015 a rainbow of bright colours.