LAW Gin Cocktail Recipes Celebrate The Taste Of Ibiza

Posted on October 13, 2017

Words: Olivia Ebeling

A true artisanal product of Ibiza, since its inception in 2015 LAW Premium Dry Gin has won a legion of fans not only in local and visiting cocktail cocktail connoisseurs to the White Isle, but also the many gifted mixologists that work behind the most renowned bars of the island.

Founded by gin enthusiasts Luna, Alexander and Wolfgang, the premium spirit is produced using solely hand-picked organic ingredients local to Ibiza and is distilled and bottled on the island – all by the passionate team themselves. The quality of LAW gin and its unique flavour has made it a runaway success, with its reputation growing fast beyond Ibiza’s borders. Celebrating another stellar year on the White Isle, Luna, Alex and Wolfgang asked some of the island’s best bartenders to create a bespoke LAW cocktail. You can try – and taste – the spectacular results below…


Spicy LAW Tonic By Brand Ambassador Raquel Herrera Garcia

A Gin & Tonic infusion like you have never tasted it before. Spicy, fresh… and 100% LAW Gin.

• 50ml LAW Gin
• 1 dash of pink pepper
• 1 dash of cardamom
• 1 dash of Jamaican pepper
• 1 piece of ginger

Combine all the spices in a mortar and blend them with a pestle. Add some basil leaves and a dash of lemon juice. Strain all in a glass filled with ice cubes.


Sa Law By Angel Salazar Of Atzaro Beach

An exotic cocktail that combines Asian purity with an Ibicencan sea breeze.

• Violet Syrup 3cl
• LAW Gin 5cl
• Sake 3cl
• Lime Juice 2cl
• Salt of Ibiza

Stir all in a shaker and serve very cold. Finish it with a dash of salt.


LAW-Summer By Fiore Tessarini Of La Paloma Restaurant

The perfect refresher for a hot Ibicencan summer’s day.

• 5cl LAW
• 2cl Lime juice
• 1cl syrup of cucumber

Mix all ingredients in glass and top up with apple juice.


Ibicenco by Facundo Grieco

Fresh, fruity and 150% Ibiza.

• LAW Gin 4-5 cl
• Hierbas Ibicencas 1,5 cl
• Ginger sirope 2cl
• Lime juice 2cl
• Bramble syrup 1,5cl
• Pineapple juice 3,5cl
• Orange Bitter 2 dashes
• 1 Teaspoon Honey

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain in a glass of crushed ice. Decorate with a rosemary, thyme and bramble.


Grandmother’s Last Words By Jorge A. Conde Of The Secret Door

The original drink was created back in 1919. This variation was inspired by Jorge’s grandmother and his love for Ibiza.

• 2cl LAW
• 2cl Hierbas Ibiza
• 2cl Zumo de Lima
• 2 cl Licor de cereza
• a dash Anis del mono (Anis Liquor)

Mix all the ingredients together.


LAW Passionfruit Chilcano By Werner Voglmaier Of Casa Colonial

This drink was originally invented for a fair in Vienna. Its fruity and refreshing taste can now be discovered at Werner’s Bar in Casa Colonial.

• 2cl LAW
• 2cl Pisco
• 2cl Lime juice
• 3cl Passionfruit juice
• 1 dash Angostura Bitter
• Fill up with Ginger Ale

Mix all ingredients together and decorate with a slice of passionfruit and a raspberry.

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