Judgement Moves To Es Paradis

Posted on June 11, 2014

Words: Deborah Baillie

With the usual merry-go-round of nights, DJs and promoters shifting venues, the shortest physical move is the biggest of the summer for 2014. Judge Jules is taking his legendary Judgement night literally across a tiny narrow road, from Gatecrasher (formerly Eden) to the stunning Es Paradis. It’s a real spiritual homecoming for Jules, who began his Ibiza adventure back in the 90s playing for Clockwork Orange at the beautiful all-white venue. And he’s back there for Danny and Mankey at the Clockwork reunion in July too. We caught up with the Judge to find out more…

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Big changes this season for Judgement – what was behind the move?
With Gatecrasher now having taken over Eden this summer, we felt it was time to readdress what we do, having spent 15 years as by far the busiest club night in San Antonio’s history but not wanting to rest on our laurels. We’d contemplated the move over the road to Es Paradis for the past three seasons but it didn’t happen for an assortment of trivial reasons. Last summer I paid a visit to Es Paradis, the penny dropped and I thought ’this is a must’. At a time when Ibiza has become more corporate and distant from the ideals and vibe that made the island the must-see destination it is today, Es Paradis remains full of soul, original, Spanish themed and utterly unique in the world. A club modelled on a roman amphitheatre, awash with plants and diffused light.

Eden was obviously a venue close to your heart – will it feel strange being just across the road from its new incarnation?
Not at all – it feels very natural. We all move on, and I’m absolutely stoked about the forthcoming season.

Es Paradis is a real step back to your Ibiza roots – does it add something special taking your night here? Does it feel like going full circle?
In the mid nineties I played in Es Paradis multiple times each summer under the Clockwork Orange brand. So, it’s very much a return to my roots, going back to the club in which I cemented my foundations and reputation both as a DJ and as a child of Ibiza.


What are your plans for Judgement at the new venue? Any new residents or special guests to look out for?
Rather than sticking just with the obvious established names, our USP has always been as a curator and discoverer of new talent, as witnessed by the fact that many global DJ names received their first Ibiza gigs with us: Tiesto, Armin, Ferry to name but a few. That’s our plan for 2014, as it always has been.

It’s obviously an iconic club – does it feel like a real statement taking Judgement there? From the outside, it looks like a pretty potent pairing.
I think so. At a time when Playa D’En Bossa is giving San Antonio a run for its money, it’s a big statement of our belief in San An as a hugely important part of the Ibiza fabric.


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Of course Clockwork itself is back at its spiritual home – how exciting a development is this for you?
Clockwork has a reunion event in late July at Es Paradis (July 25), and I’m playing. As a rule, I try to only play a handful of reunion/classics events per year, as my focus is always and has always been on breaking new music, but when I received the request it was a must.

Nostalgia isn’t always the best thing in clubland but this party has a real buzz on it – what makes it stand out for you?
I’m proudly from London, although my DJ travels have seen me circumnavigate the globe more times that I care to remember. These guys helped put my home town on the clubbing map, and my friends I grew up with from home were always in attendance when I played, so it occupies a special place in my heart.

With the continued revival of San Antonio, which you’ve obviously been a big part of, the resort is a genuine option for discerning clubbers now. Do you feel proud of your role in the change from 18-30 hell to how it is now?
San Antonio is the point of entry for clubbers in Ibiza, appealing predominantly to the 21-25 age group. As such, it’s a huge calling card for the island and the town has seen its facilities and the general level of ‘class’ improve enormously over the past ten years. Despite numerous offers to re-locate my Judgement brand away from San An, it’s where my heart lies and my most memorable DJ moments have taken place.

The whole VIP/bottle culture has gone crazy – what are your views on it all and what it means for the future?
It’s something I can’t change but, reassuringly, true music heads and those who prefer VIP tables are very different people. Ask any DJ which of the two they prefer performing to, and it will always be the former.


Your nights have always been at the more reasonable end of the pricing scale – is this important?
Ibiza can be crazy expensive, often without any notion of economic realities, and hopefully my experience of playing in countless venues around the world, and watching the impact that affordability has on atmosphere within the club has put me in a position where I can fly the flag for good sense amongst owners.

Any other plans for the summer in Ibiza?
Summer is a particularly busy spell of DJing at festivals and clubs all around the world, so it’s very much all go. Sadly, many of my Ibiza visits extend little beyond 24 hours, but at least I have the luxury of my visits being every week.

Have you figured out how to juggle Ibiza, Mallorca and being a lawyer without looking like Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club by September?
It sounds like something that you read in one of those boring management consultancy books you see in airport bookshops, but effective time management and organisation helps a lot. And, of course, loving what you do.

Anything else going on you want to tell us about?
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Judge Jules’ Ibiza Insider Favourites
Favourite restaurant: Can Pilot
Sunset Bar: Mambo
Café: Can Pou
Pre-club bar: Savannah
Club: Judgement, Es Paradis
Club Night (aside from Judgement!): Ibiza Rocks
Spot: Anywhere in the north of the island


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