Judgement Goes UV

Posted on June 26, 2016

Words: Iain Thomson

Images: Andrei Oprescu

Judgement got its latest summer season off to a flyer last night, with the first of many UV parties featuring new residents Son Of 8 alongside Judge Jules and a host of residents. The opening saw Jaguar Skills make a much anticipated appearance as well as Anton Powers for what turned out to be a high energy, roof threatening season opener.

Judgement has been at the epicentre of San Antonio clubbing for as long as we can remember. It may have evolved over the years, changing night and even name but the core has remained the same, Judge Jules. The enigmatic frontman has been a driving force in Ibiza and more specifically San Antonio, where he as always offered clubbers a genuine alternative for travelling to other resorts to party. Ibiza 2016 sees him return for his 16th season and Judgement bringing a UV element to the Friday night party across 14 weeks, with some of the biggest names on the electronic scene joining in the fun.

Judgement Opening by Andrei Oprescu

For Son Of 8, it’s a massive summer, a season in Ibiza warming up the floor for one of the island’s most popular parties, a party that the UK duo have experience on numerous occasions as clubbers visiting the island as tourists. Ibiza 2016 sees the duo sample the party from the other side as they are charged with driving the dancefloor for the early part of each night. It has been a whirlwind couple of years that has seen an array of strong productions capture the attention of peers and clubbers alike. Global gig requests followed and now, as they launch into their biggest challenge to date, surviving the Ibiza summer, they look set to take things to another level.

As the dust settles on another fantastic Ibiza opening party, we challenged Judge Jules and Son Of 8 to go back-to-back, each asking the other a set of questions…

Son Of 8 Asks Jules
Son Of 8 (SO8): An easy one to start: what’s the best thing about running your own night in Ibiza?
It’s got to be having the freedom that it gives you – everything from booking the acts to deciding which flights you get. There’s no other way to be as involved in the direction of a club night than there is making the decisions behind the scenes; as a booked ‘paid to play’ headline DJ you have the ability to steer the music in any way you choose on that particular night, but running the event means you also have a say in the promo, the production and everything else. It’s a very different environment being on this side of the scene, it’s allowed me to get more involved in Ibiza as a community – I now speak fluent Spanish and own a home on the island, I’m able to get to know the locals and shape that small patch of the culture in my own way. That is hugely rewarding.

SO8: As the boss of a successful club night, what would you do if your new residents turned out to be better than all the headliners you’d booked? (Asking for a friend…)
I’d book them as headliners next time, so tell your ‘friend’ that they need to work bloody hard this season!

Judgement Opening by Andrei Oprescu

SO8: We checked out your Wikipedia page and you’ve done a LOT in your career – is there anything still left on the bucket list to kick off?
Good question, and quite honestly the answer is probably no. There are certainly places that I would still love to play that I haven’t yet – Glastonbury and Rio in Brazil being two big ones. In terms of career achievements though, it’s quite overwhelming looking back at all the opportunities that I’ve had so far, none of which were necessarily on my ‘bucket list’. I find that you have to evolve with the opportunities that come your way and tailor your ambitions accordingly – at least that way you’re never disappointed that you don’t ‘tick’ a particular box – there are plenty of other boxes to aim for.

SO8: What one track would you say sums up Ibiza for you?
Again, a very tough question, it’d probably got to be Tori Amos – ‘Professional Widow’. It’s impossible to hear this track and not dance – no matter how tired you are or how ‘bad’ you are at dancing, I guarantee that you’ll be moving to this one.

SO8: This is our first summer as residents for Judgement – how do you survive an entire summer on the island in one piece?
Going home each week for a bit of sanity certainly helps. You’ve really got to pace yourself because it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in everything that the island offers, and I’ve seen plenty of people fall victim to its many temptations. So, I suppose what I’m trying to say is that the best way to survive an entire summer in Ibiza, is not to stay on the island for the entire summer. Take from that what you will!

Judgement Opening by Andrei Oprescu

Jules Asks SO8
Judge Jules (JJ): My view of Judgement is slightly biased so I’m interested to hear what Judgement means to you as clubbers growing up with dance music?

Judgement (or Judgement Sundays as it was known back then) was a massive part of our Ibiza experience. It was easily one of the best nights on the Island and was always a must-go place for us as young, aspiring DJs. We always had loads of friends who were workers in San Antonio and Judgment was always San An’s biggest club night. The production levels and guest DJs were always amazing and it looks like a return to that style this year. Judgement always meant fun, over indulgence, hedonism and good music – never too cool for school. We are really looking forward to being residents.

JJ: It’s Friday afternoon and you’ve missed your flight to Ibiza – what do you do? Do you call in sick or make it to work by whatever means… plane / train / automobile? #bossquestion
This is nightmare scenario #1! It’s been discussed heavily and we’ve both agreed that if we couldn’t jump a later flight or afford a private jet, we would swim. We might be a bit late but at least we can say we tried. To be honest that would be a first, we never miss flights out to Ibiza! Coming home, now that is a different story altogether… Actually, we are already missing our first pre-booked flight back and we have not even started the season yet!

Judgement Opening by Andrei Oprescu
Judgement Opening by Andrei Oprescu

JJ: It’s your job to get the club warmed up this summer, what secret weapons have you got lined up to make sure that everybody is dancing?
We like to think we have a good few secret weapons this summer. If I told you they wouldn’t be secret, so I guess people will just have to wait to find out! We have been to all the openings so far and listened to what everyone else is playing, we feel super confident that we have some bombs to drop. We are more than confident that we have enough in our arsenal to smash it! If you’ve been listening to our ‘Our House’ podcast over the last couple of months you’ll have a good idea about the kind of style we like to bring, there’s definitely going to be a couple of curveballs thrown during the course of the summer so keep an eye out for those!

JJ: You’ve missed your flight home after Judgement (you seem to be making a habit of this…) and you’re now stranded in Ibiza with just one item from your luggage – what is it?
Our black t shirts … Or the keys to our apartment.

JJ: And finally, a philosophical question: what do you want to have achieved at the end of the Ibiza 2016 season?
Our main aim this season is to introduce ourselves to Ibiza and deliver week after week strong, solid performances, making sure the Judgement parties are set up perfectly for Jules and our many talented guests. When we do this, the rest will take care of itself. We are also taking a few studio bits over so we can continue producing in our apartment. Mini studio under construction! We are looking forward to making some Ibiza-inspired tracks this summer and collaborating with some incredible artists. Oh, and not to miss any flights!

Judgement Opening by Andrei Oprescu
Judgement Opening by Andrei Oprescu
Amante closing by La Skimal