Join The Chef’s Table At Il Decanter

Posted on October 3, 2017

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: Tamara Sini

Securing a venue in one of Ibiza Town’s most spectacular settings right by the historic ramp that leads up to UNESCO World Heritage Site Dalt Vila and with stunning views on the imposing cathedral, Il Decanter started – quite literally – in a strong position to make an impact on Ibiza’s culinary scene during the concept’s first summer on the White Isle. But it’s not just the atmospheric surroundings that have convinced both holidaymakers and island residents to come time and time again.

With a friendly and welcoming team, relaxed vibe and a menu that spans a variety of different cuisines to give big groups of diners the opportunity to enjoy a meal together that caters to different tastes, Il Decanter is the perfect spot to refuel with family and friends after a day of sightseeing or upon returning from an aquatic adventure on the Balearic seas. We sat down with head chef Andrea Alimenti to find out how the foodie hotspot’s first season has been and what they are planning for the winter…



Nice to meet you, Andrea. How long have you been in Ibiza?
It’s my first year, although I have previously worked in Formentera for a different company. This is Il Decanter’s first season on the island but we have another restaurant in Prato, Italy, which has the same concept. I started there last October and before that I was in Hollywood, California. During my 40-year career, I have worked for the Aga Khan and many of the top hotels in Asia.

How has your first season been?
We are quite happy, because we have not done so bad. I always thought that the Il Decanter concept would be a good fit for Ibiza because it’s a very international place. What encourages me is that we had many return customers, even the tourists who are only here for a week have come back a few times which means they have enjoyed it – and that is my work.



Il Decanter has a vary varied menu with several different types of cuisine on offer. Tell us a little more…
We do everything from scratch, so everything we prepare is homemade and we try to work with local and organic produce where we can. The idea behind the menu is to give more choice to big tables, so when we have a big group there is something for everybody. For example, the kids can have a pizza, someone with a special diet can find something vegetarian or guests who like Asian food can try the sushi.

Is that challenging when running the kitchen?
The concept already existed when I joined the company, so I contributed my own ideas and tidied up the menu a little bit, so in each category we stick to a small selection of dishes. And because I have worked all over the world in my 40 years as a chef, it’s not a problem for me to prepare the different plates.




What makes Il Decanter stand out from the many other restaurants in this area?
To make the dining experience more personal, sometimes we make the cakes at the table in front of the guests. And we also have a pop-up table for show cooking outside the restaurant where we prepare different types of food. Depending on what I feel like, one day it can be sushi, one day it could be ham, and another a paella.

How long will the restaurant stay open this year?
We will be open until the end of December. Now we have just introduced an Italian style breakfast menu and we are doing a special menu for lunch. And we are planning some special events for the evenings. I would like to do a cooking school in the market opposite the restaurant. It would be great to invite different chefs to showcase their recipes and promote local produce in this setting.

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