It’s In Their Make Up

Posted on March 6, 2012

Smack Ibiza is a professional make up service based in Ibiza. Corina Smith and Sara Muhammad are the couple behind the Smack Ibiza concept, two hugely successful UK make-up artists, both enjoying successful careers in London when they decided to up sticks and move to Ibiza to launch Smack in 2009. Fast-forward to today and they have an extensive client list that stretches from production companies shooting commercial TV programmes, catwalk models to brides on their wedding day. Essentialibiza caught up with Corina and Sara to get their story…


What is Smack Ibiza?
A professional mobile makeup and hair service.

What made you choose Ibiza as the location for the business?
Sara: Corina called it her second home and when I came here on a girls holiday I could see why. It felt right and I feel it chose us.

Corina: I had worked as a makeup artist for Manumission in 2002/3 and always felt that Ibiza was lacking a professionally run hair and makeup service that caters to all aspects of makeup on the island.

You both enjoyed success in the UK before moving to Ibiza, what are the main differences in your daily routine after your relocation?
Sara: No more lugging heavy suitcases full of makeup at rush hour on the underground!! I don’t miss that! Also, being able to go to the beach before or after work is a luxury here. Doing my admin on my terrace in the sun is also nice.

Corina: Better quality of life all round. I feel we are more in control of our work here than in London.

What logistical problems does the island pose for a make-up artist?
Good materials and equipment are hard to find on the island so we have to be super prepared before the summer season starts. We have good support from brands such as MAC Cosmetics ( and Label M haircare ( and REN ( Transporting our makeup and hair equipment used to be a pain and very expensive on the cheap short haul flights until I moved here permanently.


Which services do Smack offer?
We offer Makeup, Hair and beauty treatments.

Who takes advantage of these services?
Sara: Anyone from production companies shooting a Commercial, TV programme or Music Video to a Bride on her Wedding day. We like to say ‘No job is too big or too small!’

Corina: Ibiza is just the kind of place where anyone from young girls out on a hen party or a high profile client can have a professional come to them and carry out a discreet, high standard makeover.

How do your bookings change between winter and summer?
Sara: Obviously summer is super busy and when we get most of our work but I’m doing my first winter now and I love it. Winter gives us a chance to catch up on paperwork and evaluate the summer. By the time the New Year is in, we are already planning, marketing and busy with bookings for the next summer.
Winter has included a shoot with a fashion brand going online and our second shoot for Pacha for their advertising purposes, so it is not completely quiet.

Corina: Winters are about catching up with all the admin, updating the website and general PR. Also meeting up with all the people who you just don’t get to chill out with in the summer. Just because Ibiza is a seasonal island, it doesn’t mean nothing goes on… there are 300 days of sunshine and lots of shooting goes on off-season.


What are your earliest memories of Ibiza?
Sara: Coming here with a bunch of makeup artists and hair stylists for a girly holiday- was mental!

Corina: I first to came to Ibiza in 1995. We went to Manumission, it was before they had build the dome and as we were leaving, the sun was coming up and we walked out on to the foundation, the view was amazing and I knew then I would be spending most of my life here.

Ibiza offers a unique set of distractions for those who choose to work there, how do you balance your work and play time?
Sara: It’s quite easy to balance the work/playtime when it’s your own business as the responsibility and reputation is yours. However, when not working I like to take full advantage of the lifestyle – beaches, restaurants, bars and parties.

Corina: Like Sara says, it’s our business and that’s why we’re there. It’s important to us and the party is always there, work isn’t!

What advice would you give to people thinking of making a change and moving to Ibiza?
Sara: Work out what it is you have to offer the island, do your research, know your target market, your competitors, be patient and go for it. See the opportunities when they appear. Life is too short to be wishing you had done this or that with your life. If someone had said to me five years ago I would be here doing this, I would never have believed them.

Corina: I always say passion and determination. You have to believe 100% in what you want to do and be willing to give something back to the island. Also Ibiza is very small and reputation is everything here.