It’s All HEART

Posted on June 29, 2015

Tuesday June 30 is a long-awaited day in Ibiza; it’s a day when food, theatre and music fans will rejoice, because finally HEART, the collaboration between the Adrìa brothers and Guy Laliberté – a restaurant cum performance extravanganza – will open its doors. And in predictable, spectacular style, it’s got none other than Sven Väth and Nils Frahm on the bill. So if ever you were in any doubt about what to expect from the newest big hitter on the island, this should give you some pointers.

Supper by Cinta Bosch

Imagine the island’s collective excitement when we learned that the famed Adrìa brothers, of El Bulli and Tickets fame, were opening a restaurant in Ibiza. And then imagine the heightened state of excitement when we discovered they were collaborating with the master behind Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté. World-class cuisine dreamt up by the world’s best chefs served in an atmosphere created by one of the world’s most creative, theatrical minds? That sounds like something people might be quite interested in. And when we were invited to a behind the scenes sneak preview of what HEART has to offer, we learned we were right.

Club by Cinta Bosch

At this introductory presentation we were given the backstory behind what HEART is all about. The Adrìas and Laliberté have been in contact for over 10 years, and when they finally made the decision to collaborate they both decided they wanted to veer away from what would be expected of them – the Adrìas didn’t want to make just another restaurant – Laiberté didn’t want to make just any other show – but together they wanted to push the boundaries of a dining experience. And so HEART was born – together they would create a place where the worlds of food, art and music would collide, and together they’d present an experience unlike any other on the planet.

Terrace by Cinta Bosch

Between them they found HEART a home in the bosom of the Ibiza Gran Hotel. It’s a large space that will be divided into three different areas: the Terrace (80€) – a relaxed lounge space that doubles as a kind of experimental street food market, the Supper (150€) – an ode to world food where you choose two world food menus from a range, and the Club (50€) – where there’ll be performances from DJs and a talented house band. It’s worth noting that each area will have a completely different vibe, and each will stage bespoke performances. Take the Terrace – it’s going to consist of mobile food carts, so when you’re not chilling out on plush giant cushions you’ll be encouraged to move around the space sampling all the different fare – and that’s going to include everything from sushi to dim sum to Mexican. And then there’s the Supper, where you’ll dine on cuisine created by the genius of the Adrìas while performances take place all around you and in specially designed glass boxes. And then there’s the Club, which play host to some of the biggest and most unexpected names in music – including the recently announced Sven Väth and Nils Frahm. And all of this will be topped up art installations from famed international artists.


So it’s safe to assume that HEART is going to offer something special – the sheer ambitiousness of this project is mind-blowing, and will undoubtedly transform the face of dining on the island. It’s not possible to succinctly describe everything you’ll experience there but from what we’ve heard and seen it’s going to be a one of a kind, totally unique experience. This is one opening that can’t come soon enough – after all, it’s not often you get to indulge in a once in a lifetime sensory explosion like this.

Sven Nils