IMS Announces SHESAID.SO. Collaboration

Posted on February 6, 2019

Words: Iain Thomson

Images: La Skimal

International Music Summit (IMS) has announced that the 12th edition of its gathering, taking place at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza between May 22 and 24, will be co-curated by the leading female empowerment organisation in the music industry SHESAID.SO. The summit maintains its dedication to finding places that positive transformation can occur as well as encouraging debate and working towards these changes, it will offer a 50% discount to all SHESAID.SO. members who are attending the summit for the first time.

Andreea & Ben[3][1]

IMS co-founder Ben Turner states: “IMS has been on a journey of self-discovery in recent years and we feel ready to focus our event and its curation around striving for inclusivity in as many areas as possible. This is our third year working with Andreea and the organisation, and it really feels natural and unforced to share ideas and ideology with her team. It feels like our hearts and minds changed a few years ago but not enough action was being taken and IMS must lead by example. We can’t hide that IMS was created originally by six white males, but we can change everything else around us to promote the best in the industry from across professions. IMS is more open to collaborating than ever before and I personally hope we can encourage more women to speak, attend, perform and help shape the industry they love.”

IMS ESSENTIALIBIZA 2018 BY LA SKIMAL009 founder Andreea Magdalina states: “We are excited to renew our partnership with IMS this year as a programming co-host. This gives us a greater opportunity to create more visibility for women and other marginalized communities in electronic music and beyond at one of the most forward-thinking music conferences in the business. Our relationship with Ben Turner and IMS exemplifies the collaborative ethos – to constructively work together to address the gender gap where necessary and propose solutions for the industry to adopt further. IMS has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation in electronic music and we are thrilled to augment the experience with our programming ideas.”


A shared ideology and vision is the corner stone of the collaboration between IMS and SHESAID.SO. which is the creation of an environment that encourages collaboration and supports creativity and positive values. The partnership will proactively work to break down gender stereotypes and promote and increase the profile of women making an impact on the industry. IMS will also continue its collaboration with some of the strongest voices in the dance music industry to effect a positive change. IMS Ibiza delegates can once again choose their summit experience from three tailored badge tiers as well as the option to bundle Remedy State presents ARETÉ packages and save 20% off their delegate badge. Special discounts for students, under 25’s and Ibiza residents are also available providing full summit access as well as entrance to selected Ibiza clubs and opening parties over the duration of IMS week.