Ibiza Therapy Returns

Posted on November 14, 2017

Words: Iain Thomson

Images: Tamara Sini

The Ibiza closing parties are a distant memory but maybe you still haven’t fully recovered from what was one of the longest and most gruelling tests of party stamina to date. What better way to get into your out-of-season mode than with some Ibiza Therapy, courtesy of respected publication, Ibiza Style. Saturday November 18 sees the gastronomic concept return to Café Montesol, for the latest celebration that includes a mouth-watering menu, refreshing cocktails, seductive deep beats and fantastic company!

Ibiza Therapy 003

Ibiza Style captured the imagination during the summer months, with a concept that put fine dining at the heart of the party and invited a series of Michelin star chefs to showcase their considerable talents on the rooftop of ME Ibiza Hotel. With winter fast approaching, and the overwhelming success of the idea, the stylish magazine has decided to maintain its philosophy, inviting the kitchen superstars to Café Montesol once a month for an Ibiza Therapy session guaranteed to feed your mind, body and soul.

Ibiza Therapy 002

Table reservations for Saturday November 18 are under way, so don’t hang around if you want to be part of the latest gastronomic gathering. Café Montesol offers a colourful, vibrant surrounding in which to sample some delicious innovative food and drink and to swap stories with fellow island dwellers. There’s nothing better than the feeling of community and that is exactly what Ibiza Style has delivered with its monthly gatherings. Tom Crane will be charged with providing the soundtrack for Saturday as yet another Michelin-star chef challenges your taste-buds with a series of delectable dishes. For those that prefer to sample some cocktails and dance the night away, it’s free entry with the fun starting at 7pm.

t: +34 871 51 50 49

Ibiza Therapy November Menu
Cocktails Snacks
Aioli crackers and seeds
Nori cracker
Patatas bravas
Welcome Drink

Welcome drink – LAW-Tonic

Caprese salad 2017
Burrata, avocado, tomato and tomatowater, pink grapefruit, verbena cream, nitro basil
Celeriac, lemon and almonds from the island
Bloody Mary sorbet with nitrogen olive oil from Ibiza, Sal de Ibiza
Codfish, carrots, pumpkin, coconut kefir, lime
Lemon Hazelnut Dessert

79 €
Drinks included (wine/water)

After 12
Flemish fries, truffle mayo, Manchego

Ibiza Therapy 004
Ibiza Therapy 005