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Posted on December 17, 2011


IBIZA MUSIC CLUSTER presents its new headquarters at the Conservatory of Music and Dance of Ibiza

IBIZA MUSIC ACADEMY launches its advanced music courses at the IMC, with modules that include ‘Live Electronic Production’, ‘Apple Music Applications’ and ‘Modular Synthesis’

In the first of its kind, the Academy also confirms a collaboration with the Conservatory, presenting its upcoming ‘Harmony for DJs’- a course combining Classical Music training within Advanced Music Studies

Ibiza, 7th December 2011 (FIX Ibiza).- The Association of Business and Innovation IBIZA MUSIC CLUSTER held a press conference today at its new location in the recently opened Conservatori de Musica y Danza of Ibiza, thanks to its collaboration with the Department of Education & Culture of the Balearic Islands Government.


Just when some may have thought it all had all gone quiet in the Cluster department, the Ibiza Music Cluster (IMC) is back in action, using the occasion to not only present its new headquarters but also to launch the new Ibiza Music Academy under the same Ibiza Music Cluster umbrella.

The presentation, led by Ibiza Music Cluster’s Vice President and Director of Ibiza Global Radio, Anna Tur, also saw fellow IMC board members Lenny Ibizarre and Javier Ferrer welcome Adolfo Villalonga, Professor of Composition of the Conservatory of Ibiza and Deputy Director and Co-Director of the Symphonic Band and Ciutat d’Eivissa Symphony Orchestra respectively, to the panel, due to his participation in the Ibiza Music Academy’s new course, ‘Harmony for DJs’ a module designed to bring classical music into an advanced music environment. The Conservatory of Music and Dance’s Director, Jaime Manuel Ribas was also present at the press presentation and expressed his satisfaction at having the Ibiza Music Cluster on board at the musical infrastructure, recently opened on Avenida España, 15.

The IMC board stressed their goal to help keep the wheels of the music industry turning on the island of Ibiza, by working together to achieve a higher level of competitiveness in the international market and so, strengthening the island’s position as a key reference in the specialization of research technology, musical innovation and creativity in the Ibiza music industry. Put another way, it’s all about the music…

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Ibiza Music Academy
The island of Ibiza is ranked internationally as the world capital of advanced music and a positive landmark of artistic and musical trends. Under this axiom, the Association of Innovative Enterprises (AEI) Ibiza Music Cluster, declared ‘Cluster of Excellence’ by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has launched the ‘International Training Centre for Innovation in Advanced Music’, to be marketed under the name of Ibiza Music Academy.

– To offer a range of courses and / or innovative training seminars in advanced music
– To interrelate and create synergies between the genres of classical and advanced music, thereby promoting Ibiza as an international reference and centre of excellence
– To help position Ibiza as a superior technology and music production district twelve months of the year
– To open an international technology centre aimed at training and attracting companies and music industry professionals around the world

Academic Programme 2011/2012
The academic programme has been established under the firm foundations of innovative and original solutions and will be taught by renowned local, national and international professionals.

How to improvise in live electronic music
Date: 19/12/2011 to 23/12/2011
Number of hours: 20
Speakers: Lenny Ibizarre & Javier Ferrer
Places available: 8
Language: Spanish
Price: 150€ (7,5€ hora)
*Discounted price for Conservatory students 90€

Thanks to the recent technological advances in music production, we are pleased to present our first complete introductory course to professional live improvisation in Electronic Music. The one-week course will see students receive both the practical training and theory required by DJs and producers in the modern world, with an end game of developing their own professional, high quality live production. During ‘Live Electronic Production’, innovative learning techniques and a fully interactive teaching method seek to ensure easy-peasy learning of the workings of advanced music production. With a syllabus of essential contents made simple and a host of other tricks and tips to make your musical life even easier, the first seminar will be held at the Headquarters of the Conservatory of Music and Dance 19-23rd under the banner of the Ibiza Music Academy. The course will be conducted with Ableton Live and Apple computers, but training will be equally applicable to other sequencers or computers on the market.

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Theory and Practice for developing professional productions
Date: February
Speakers: Jacob Mariscal & Adolfo Villalonga

The Modern Harmony Workshop has been devised to help producers and editors enhance their creative process still further. During the course, students will learn the basic techniques of classical harmony adapted to suit the latest tools in modern music production. Knowing your harmonies is a basic key when it comes to composition in musical projects; indeed, it is THE language of music. Develop your productions on a more sophisticated, professional and dare we say it- harmonious level.
iPad, the digital production tool
Date: March
Speakers: Luis Cantalapiedra

Discover for yourself the wonders of this marvellous piece of modern tablet technology, the iPad- a fairly recent multifunctional tool in the music production market, containing hundreds of applications in its deceivingly small format, and all in sync with our IMC workstation. Be it as a midi controller, a musical instrument or, of course, an aid to by streaming through the numerous different programs and options available, there’s no stopping the iPad. With this course you’ll learn straight from the expert about both iPad software and hardware options available in the realm of musical production.

Native Instruments REAKTOR
Date: April
Speakers: TBC

When we think of modular synthesis we think of oversized, bulky machines with hundreds of cables, each one connected to a different module. But those days are gone; these days, with the help of software, it’s a different story and Native Instruments’ Reaktor is one such example of a powerful force in the modern electronic world. The idea behind this seminar is that students learn to design their own instruments, samplers, effects and tools in order to develop and make sense of their own digital productions. During the 30 hour long innovative course at the Ibiza Music Academy, knowledge on the exact determination of synthesis will be introduced and thanks to the modular system, students can determine for themselves the number of oscillators, filters, envelopes or LFO’s, amongst other elements they’d prefer in the quest for the perfect sound and the easiest way to achieve it. The course is intended both for those production experts who want to know more about this groundbreaking software as well as new users with an interest in the world of electronics                   


Javier Ferrer Serra
Young, Ibicenco, owner of Plugtone Records and Ibiza Music Business (his consulting, training and event management company), Javier Ferrer Serra is a local specialist in digital production, working regularly with national and international artists and labels. Aside from that, he is a collaborator and tester for the Intermusic store and a key component in Atfunk The Band. When it comes to his role in dance music, he works up and down the country under the pseudonym of Jaf.

Lenny Ibizarre
Danish by birth, Ibicenco by adoption, Lennart Krarup, better known as Lenny Ibizarre, is a living legend round these here parts. An Ibiza based composer, producer, remixer, label owner and DJ for nearly two decades, his flair with technology and precision engineering has earned him accolades of respect from fans and professionals alike. He beta tests and reviews for more than 70% of the music technology software industry and has presented technology at tradeshows all over the world. Lenny’s Ibizarre’s DJ sessions have become legendary in Ibiza as his passion for music transpires in sets that can easily last over 6 hours. Lenny Ibizarre has held combined residencies in Ibiza at Pacha, Space, Amnesia and Ku (now Privilege) and Café Del Mar for over a decade. His DJ circuit is mostly private parties all over the world but you can still catch him spinning in Ibiza all season. Lenny also has his weekly show on Ibiza’s Sonica Radio at 95.2 FM.

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Adolfo Villalonga
Born in Ibiza, Villalonga has an extensive career combining Harmony, Trombone and Piano Studies. After completing the Intermediate level at the Conservatory of the Balearics, he continued his studies at the Conservatory of Barcelona, obtaining a Masters degree in Language, Composition and Choral Conducting, whilst simultaneously teaching and conducting at the same institution. He has conducted training courses, workshops, and ‘Music for Imagery’ at the Manuel de Falla courses in Granada.  And that’s not to mention his radio airwave activity as well as his numerous concerts with their focus on education. He was a founder Professor of Composition of the Conservatory of Ibiza, having worked there since 1998. He is also Deputy Director and Co-Director of the Symphonic Band and Ciutat d’Eivissa Symphony Orchestra. www.adolfovillalonga.com

Luis Cantalapiedra Vázquez
Luis Vazquez Cantalapiedra has been an integral part of the history of national techno since the early 1990’s when he became promoter and resident DJ of the legendary Voltereta nightclub in Madrid. Since then, Cantalapiedra aka DJ MUERTO and more recently, Arcanoid, has been one of the pioneers of electronic music innovation in Spain, exploring and disseminating Drum & Bass in all its forms, with techno and IDM also included in his mix. Aside from all that, and alongside Oscar Mulero, he is the driving force behind Zero Oscillator, an events management and music-publishing platform.

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