Ibiza In Style

Posted on October 12, 2016

Words: Iain Thomson

Friday October 14 sees celebrated Ibiza publication Ibiza Style invite you to the only hotel in Santa Gertrudis, the stylish Gatzara Suites from 18.30 onwards for an exhibition of the original artwork from five Ibiza Style covers from 2016. With music from Esteban Lucci of Inmaculate Sounds, wine from Vine & Co, appearances from artists Jordi Cervera (photo) and Marcos Torres (graphic art) as well as some of the cover models, it promises to be the perfect start to your weekend.

Having been based in Santa Gertrudis since we launched Essential Ibiza, we know better than most that you don’t need an excuse to visit this charming village. A hub for tourists-in-the-know in the summer and a community focal point for islanders out of season, the cool array of bars, cafés and boutiques gives Santa Gertrudis a cool vibe all year round. Gatzara Suites is the villages first hotel, having lovingly transformed an existing building, retaining its natural beauty while adding a cutting edge, contemporary design. Santa Gertrudis is known for its bohemian community, it has never been slow to embrace the creative qualities of those on the island, making it an ideal location for this particular gathering.


Jordi Cervera is an island based photographer who looks like he should be in front of the camera never mind behind it! Working in music, fashion and lifestyle, Jordi has a keen eye and an ability to challenge todays culture of mainstream photography, often pushing it to the limit with an Avant Garde style and a penchant for black and white images that can be found in most of the island’s respected publications and exclusive billboards, not to mention on the glossy pages of celebrated magazines around the world, and in the homes of leading fashion designers, rock stars and art lovers. He has shown in both Spain and Italy, attracting an eccentric crowd and consistently building on an already flourishing reputation.

Ibiza Style Marcos Torres
Ibiza-Style copy

Marcos Torres’ colourful pop-art can be seen on everything from T-shirts to album covers, book covers and even film credits. His early designs were stamped across all of these platforms as he caught the attention before evolving to silkscreen printing that seen him quickly make the leap to showing in art galleries. Ibiza, Mallorca, Madrid, Santiago, Castellón, León, Brighton, London, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Copenhagen have all hosted the ‘made in Torres’ explosion of colour and even the prestigious Christie’s has seen fit to auction one of his works. His stock has risen to the extent that he sits comfortably alongside the likes of Banksy, Dface, Shepard Fairey and Blek Le Rat as he continues to add colour to the world. Friday October 14 promises to be another fantastic island gathering in the heart of one of its favourite destinations to celebrate the latest example of the abundance of talent that calls Ibiza home.

Ibiza Style Gatzara
Ibiza Style Gatzara Front
Ibiza Style Flyer