Hippy Market Ibiza

Posted on May 3, 2013

The Hippy Market is one of the most popular tourist spots on the island, tales of the magical atmosphere, the friendly people, the amazing crafts and the general community spirit have been handed down from generation to generation, resulting in the market enjoying huge popularity amongst the tourists who flock to the island. It’s not just the tourists who visit, the market has become a popular meeting point for numerous bohemians who live on the island, who get together, enjoy each other’s company and relax and listen to some authentic Balearica from local bands who play there. As the market gets set to celebrate its 40th anniversary this year, we caught up with Thomas Hofmann to find out how they plan on celebrating…


The Hippy Market celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, how has it evolved over the years?
Well, in the beginning, the market had only five stalls now we have over 500. In those early days the hippies put their stalls on the ground under the trees showing their products on draperies for the few tourists of the Club of Punta Arabí. Nowadays everything is more organized, which means the sellers have their fixed stall structures etc. and on a Wednesday in August there are cycles of several thousand people during a day. But basically it only increased and became a little bit more professional.

Does it still maintain the original spirit that attracted so many tourists to it in the first place?
I think in general it still has that unique vibe and we try to maintain it as to give many artists and sellers a platform to perform and present their original products, to welcome every kind of people and cultures with open arms to enjoy a great day together and not to become a sort of exclusive Hippy Chic spot.


Why do you think it has become one of the island’s biggest tourist attractions?
I think because of this most unique atmosphere and authenticity. On a Wednesday at the Hippy Market so many different cultures and colorful people from all over the world are coming together to enjoy a great day in the wonderful garden area of the Punta Arabí Club. Craftsmen and artists offer a variety of their most unique creations: crafts, fashion, jewelry, natural cosmetics and original items brought from different parts of the world, all surrounded by performances from musicians and artists.

Does the number of stalls increase each year, and, if so, how does someone go about joining the market?
The number of stalls in the Hippy Market doesn´t increase much more because the space is limited in the garden area of the Club Punta Arabi but each year we get a lot of request for new stalls. To get a stand at our market first the people have to send us some photos of their products and fill in a request for a stand. We are looking only for original stuff made by craftsmen. There is a long waiting list to get a fixed stall at the Hippy Market but there is also the possibility to rent a stand for days in a special zone at the market where the new candidates can put their stall while waiting for a fixed space in the market. Look at our Webpage www.hippymarket.info for more information and to get a request form and the contact details.


The island has evolved dramatically over the last 40 years, what have been the biggest changes you have witnessed?
The island seems to become more exclusive each year but it will never loose its unique spirit and vibe in special places for example like the Hippy Market but not only there.

The market has always enjoyed a close relationship with some of the islands many performers, how much do these talented individuals add to the unique atmosphere?
Benidrums for example is playing for over 30 years now in the Market and they represent the authentic Ibiza spirit. But also other bands like Azibi and el Rostro de la Medusa are spreading these special vibes every Wednesday in the corners of the Club. In our tent the “La Carpa” we have live performances from known bands from Ibiza but also from newcomers to perform their unique style, which enlivens the whole setting of the Hippy Market like in the early years.


What are your plans to celebrate the anniversary?
Mainly we try to keep the spirit and nice atmosphere with special live music performances in our tent, which is called “La Carpa”. This year we will have various performances of Paco Fernandez as well as from popular bands from the island like Shakatribe, Marian Pellegrio etc. but also very interesting live acts from international bands. Also we will inaugurate a new corner for the little ones, there they can enjoy a bouncy castle, clowns performances and more fun while the parents can relax at a snack bar.

What are your hopes for the hippy market for the next 40 years?
That we can continue like now the next 40 years.