Healthy Choices At Cafe Bondi

Posted on July 16, 2017

Words: Rosie Wilson

Images: Tamara Sini

While we might want to grab something quick and easy in between sun worshipping, that doesn’t necessarily equate to a burger or pizza. For those looking for something lighter and healthier, look no further than Cafe Bondi – the San Antonio hotspot offers a wide array of healthy dishes as well as health-boosting juices and smoothies. If your body is a temple and you’re looking for somewhere to refuel this summer, it could be just the place.

Cafe Bondi, part of the Mambo group, is an Australian-inspired eatery that is popular with tourists, not least thanks to its location right on the harbour front in the bustling San Antonio. As we paid a lunchtime visit, we could only assume that people were grabbing a bite to eat in between beach sessions – or perhaps shaking off the effects of the night before. To freshen up from the sweltering heat, we tried a selection of detox waters, juices and smoothies before we ate. The all came ice cold and generously sized in mason jars, brightly coloured and delicious. We particularly loved the bright purple breakfast smoothie with banana, rolled oats, blueberries, soy milk and honey and the Skinny water laden with fresh strawberries, orange slices and mint. After we’d sampled the juices we decided to move onto the harder stuff, and ordered two stunningly garnished goblets of gin and tonic – a Brockmans with summer berries and a Bombay Sapphire with orange slices and cinammon sticks.


The simple menu at Cafe Bondi isn’t split into starters and mains, but rather sharers, salads, sandwiches etc. We ordered cold plates to arrive first, followed by a selection of hot dishes. Two dishes arrived out the kitchen first – the Bondilicious hummus plate and a mango and quinoa salad. The Bondilicious is served on a big wooden plank, in the centre of which is a pile of bright, fresh veggie crudités to go alongside the fluffy homemade pitta breads. The hummus itself came in three variations – bright pink beetroot flavour, a pesto basil concoction and classic red pepper. The quinoa salad, meanwhile, was beautifully presented and really colourful, with thick chunks of mango and avocado arranged artfully on top of the salad, which was jewelled with pomegranate seeds.



Next up was the main event: wok-fried vegetables with noodles and king prawns, chicken skewers on a bed of basmati and wild rice, garlic mushroom skewers and a side of sweet potato fries with chipotle salsa. All the dishes were light and full of goodness, but still flavoursome and sated our midday appetite – the noodle and prawn stir-fry (my favourite) packed a punch with a combination of Asian flavours, while the mushroom skewers were delightfully garlicky and herby, feeling much more indulgent than their calorie count would have suggested. We marvelled at the mains on the table as they came out – everything was so colourful and plated beautifully.



After our healthy feast we were more than full, but never ones to turn down a sweet treat, we shared a fluffy strawberry and nutella crepe, and finished with almond and coconut milk coffees. We left Cafe Bondi thoroughly sated and unlikely to eat much else for the rest of the day, but equally guilt-free after our healthy, vitamin-packed lunch. If you’re looking for something a little different in San Antonio that’s good value for money, low-key but good quality, look no further than Cafe Bondi.

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