Happy Birthday Circo Loco!

Posted on July 28, 2015

Words: Graham Currie
Images: Hrvoje Slebur

Ibiza is widely regarded as the world’s clubbing capital, what that means for clubbers is that they can catch all of their favourite DJs and parties in the one place during the summer season, what it means for promoters, however, is that they have to be at the very top of their game to make an impression! Celebrating one successful year is definitely something to write home about, it means all those months of preparation and hard work have paid off and you have succeeded in catching the attention amidst a whirlwind of clubbing activity. Celebrating your 17th birthday means you have created something very special indeed. Monday July 27 saw Circo Loco in DC10 do just that, the party that still considers itself a bit of an island outsider has become one of the must visit parties for discerning clubbers heading to Ibiza, turning Monday from the most hated day of the week into THE day to get your dancing shoes on.

Circoloco 17th Birthday at DC-10_02
Circoloco 17th Birthday at DC-10_ edit

Circo Loco has had us Monday Dreamin’ throughout Ibiza 2015, with some amazing DJ line-ups already showing that it continues to go from strength to strength, with capacity crowds turning up week in week out. It started life as an old aircraft hanger at the edge of a runway, the fact that you can almost see the faces of people on the flights that pass overhead still testify to that. The terrace has since been covered and the garden been floored, offering a slightly different experience from back in the day but the partisan nature of the crowd has remained, DJs love playing this party as they know that they have creative license to do whatever they want. With three areas to fill nowadays, the weekly line up looks like a who’s who of underground music and the protagonists charged with delivering the birthday celebration underlined that – Apollonia, Tania Vulcano, Nina Kraviz, The Martinez Brothers, Kerri Chandler and Ellen Alien were just some of the stars on show.

Circoloco 17th Birthday at DC-10_05
Circoloco 17th Birthday at DC-10_06

DC10 offers a truly unique clubbing atmosphere, maybe it’s that notion that you are doing something wrong partying on a Monday, maybe the feeling that it is an island outsider has filtered through to its loyal following or maybe it just has the ability to bring some of the most exciting names in the underground scene together on a regular basis, but heading out of your resort and making the journey to the iconic venue on the edge of the airport results in clubbing butterflies every time, as anticipation of what lies ahead kicks in! Back in the day, you could only sample that crazy vibe in Ibiza and it only happened during the limited summer season, nowadays, Circo Loco has gone global, with parties all over the clubbing world introducing the brand to those that might otherwise only dream of visiting. It’s further evidence of the distance it has travelled in its 17-year tenure on the island.

Circoloco 17th Birthday at DC-10_09
Circoloco 17th Birthday at DC-10_07

When it comes to a celebration, there are few crowds that embrace the challenge more than the Circo Loco DC10 crew. With countless clown wigs on show, the odd red nose and some interesting tattooed variations of the logo, they are out in force for the 17th party and planning on making it another memorable one. The Garden is a favourite of ours, offering that al fresco feeling early on in the night, before the sun goes down and things get serious indoors. Truth be told, if you are passionate about electronic music, it doesn’t really matter when you get to this club (although leaving it fashionably late can be tricky when it fills up). All three arenas are programmed to perfection and each offers something equally amazing. From the party under the stars outdoors to the booming sound systems that can be found in the main room and the Terrace. This is one of THE places in the world to listen and dance to cutting edge house and techno from some of the most innovative DJ/ producers on the planet. It’s time for us to get fully immersed in the birthday party celebrations, happy birthday Circo Loco, here’s to many more!

Circoloco 17th Birthday at DC-10_12
Circoloco 17th Birthday at DC-10_13
Circoloco 17th Birthday at DC-10_15