Game Over Presents Space 28th Anniversary

Posted on August 11, 2017

Images: Tamara Sini

It’s been impending for weeks, and on Wednesday night the heavens opened and the White Isle was hit with a tropical storm unlike any other of the season. You’d think that such a storm would put people off their partying – especially in one of Ibiza’s outdoor, festival-style venues, but you’d be wrong in this case – the hotly-anticipated Game Over Presents Space 28th Anniversary party took place at Benimussa Park on Wednesday, with partygoers seemingly not deterred by the weather.

If there’s one party that people were going to turn out to in the face of adversity, it was this one – it’s the island’s first year without Space, and you can still see the merchandise and hear the chatter about it everywhere you go – people are definitely missing the iconic superclub. Sporting the strap line ‘If you know, you know’, dedicated partygoers turned out to the derelict and refurbished zoo to party in the storm and dance the night away regardless of weather. In fairness, Benimussa Park is one of the coolest venues on the island, with stages, bars and attractions fashioned out of the old animal enclosures and a big, roving feel to the place – so a little bit of rain wasn’t going to put people off. But it also goes to show the legacy that Space left behind – people weren’t going to miss out on this one in a hurry.




As early at 20.00, the dancefloor was packed out and people were already well into the spirit of the party. The house tracks were intense with a galloping bass, but the outdoor venue, the rain and the feel-good vibe in the crowd mellowed it slightly, and made for one of the most ambient atmospheres I’ve experienced at a party this summer. The dance floor and DJ booth were largely unlit and dark (due predominantly to the weather) and it created a mysterious, intense atmosphere on the main dance floor – although as night fell, the trees lit up as the sun set in the distance. Once we were well into the night and the rain had abated, the stage lit up with the iconic Space branding and everyone went wild. It felt very intimate, with everyone in the know and united to celebrate Space and give the behemoth of a brand yet another spectacular send off.




A year after we said goodbye to Space, we’ve had little hints at a revival, and at the very least that the iconic party, venue and following lives on. Game Over Space 28th Anniversary was just one of these little signs, and a welcome addition to the party calendar for any Ibiza aficionado that grew up with Space as a part of their lives. It was another brilliant party, and a just tribute to the legacy – but somehow, we doubt it’s the last we’ve heard.