From Farm To Table At Can Mimosa

Posted on August 6, 2019

Words: Jason Eybe

Images: La Skimal

Can Mimosa in Santa Gertrudis has enjoyed a lightning start to its Ibiza life, capturing the imagination of food lovers on and off the island and putting itself firmly on the food map in just under two months since opening! It’s a remarkable achievement but, once you have spent any time in this charming eatery, not one that will surprise you. Located off the beaten track in the island’s unofficial gastronomic capital, this is definitely not a restaurant you will stumble across, it’s a dining destination that is up there with some of Ibiza’s finest.

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Having already had our appetite whetted through its already popular Sundays in the Garden, we couldn’t wait to sample the a la carte menu. This is a farm to table concept that draws inspiration and ingredients from its nearest surroundings. What they can’t grow themselves, they source from around the island, with many of the items on the menu coming from less than one kilometre from the venue! If it can’t be sourced locally, the guys look to Spain but nothing travels any further! The result is an environmentally conscious concept that delivers the freshest and most delicious of culinary adventures. Normally on our food reviews, we all choose something different from the menu, to make sure that we give a full representation of what’s on offer, but it’s no surprise that Pedro, Tim and Holly have something different in store for us this evening.

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Boasting a world class restaurant just a short walk away from your apartment is just one of the reasons that we love living in Santa Gertrudis. There’s nothing like a stroll through one of the world’s best villages to work up an appetite. Pedro, Tim and Holly have looked after us on many occasions at different venues around the island but Can Mimosa is their own creation so this feels so much more personal. This is a team at the very top of its game and one that extends a genuine warm and heart felt welcome to all that find them. Our table was in the courtyard, a stunning al fresco space that puts you at ease the minute you enter, where the aroma from the BBQ grill mixed with the smell of the island makes for a very special combination. Once we had settled Pedro came to say hello started to talk us through the menu, and begins with the words that always make us happy when we visit a new restaurant, “why don’t you put the menus away?” That’s when we know we are about to experience something great, and we were not disappointed.

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Luckily for us we recorded Pedro and it was so interesting that we decided to buck our normal review formula and share it with you. Clearly passionate about what he and the rest of the team are doing, if this doesn’t get those mouths watering then there’s no hope for you. First up, Pedro decides which dish will kick off our feast… “Evening Charlie, Jo, Paula and Jerome, thanks for coming to see us. Why don’t you put the menus away, as I’ve known you all for years, I think I know exactly what to bring you. I’m going to start you off with the local Sobrasada, which is made in Can Caus, which is less than a mile away from the restaurant. It’s a typical Ibicencan soft chorizo. To combine with the spiciness of the soft chorizo, we use a local honeycombe and drizzle it with honey and homemade toasted almonds and toast, it’s a slightly modern take on a very traditional Ibicencan dish. We also want you to try our parfait of foie gras and chicken livers with toast, which has been a popular addition to the menu.”

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The restaurant is starting to fill up now as day eases into night and that lovely witching hour, as we like to call it, sets in. It’s the perfect time to be in Can Mimosa, as the garden takes on an enchanted feel. Having successfully dispatched the first dish, we are just about ready for the mains and Pedro is already well ahead of us. “For the first main course, I want you guys to try the fillet steak,” he says. “Obviously Can Mimosa is all about KM zero but there are no cattle reared on the island so when we can’t find a product on the island we turn to the Peninsula, nothing comes from outside of Spain. The best beef in Spain is produced in Galicia, so we have sourced a 20-day, lightly aged fillet of beef. The meat is of such spectacular quality that we just let it speak for itself. It is basically the fillet steak with a little garnish of watercress and tomato that has been grilled on the BBQ. You can have it with a choice of sauces including chimichurri, our homemade creamed horse radish or the homemade Café de Paris butter, which contains more than 40 ingredients, believe it or not. I also want you to try some local lamb chops off the BBQ. They are barbecued, milk fed lamb chops, served as they are, simple but delicious, with a bit of salt and our smoked oil over the top. You can even nibble on the bones of those once you have eaten the meat, its super tasty.”

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“We are also presenting our twice cooked chickens,” he continues. We get these amazing chickens from less than a mile away and they have an incredible yellow toned skin that comes from being free range and corn fed. We marinate them for 24-hours then we poach them in sage and garlic and then we finish them off on the BBQ. What you end up with is a very juicy, flavoursome meat, with a nice crispy barbecued skin. That’s served with baby leaks, tomato and garlic all of which are grown in our own garden. The sage and garlic that we use we also grow here ourselves and we take them straight from the garden when we are preparing the chicken.

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Lastly, we have our sea bass and for this one we change the garnish every now and then as we are getting a lot of regular clients and we want to make sure they don’t get bored of the dish. Last week it came with a tomato and cumin sauce and now we are doing it with crispy fried kale and a salsa verde, which is parsley and garlic from our garden and capers. The Sea Bass itself is incredibly expensive for us to buy, it’s not from a fish farm, it’s actually sustainable wild and line caught but we believe it’s worth the extra cost for the standard and quality as well as the environmental impact.” As you can imagine, it was belt loosening time at our table, with such an array of food, covering all bases. No matter what your favourite, there is something fantastic on the Can Mimosa menu for you. All our dishes are all well balanced, delicious, packed with flavour and demanding of our attention. We are almost ready to roll off our chairs!

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“Now for the best bit, dessert,” declares Pedro, as we chat excitedly amongst ourselves in the beautiful surroundings of can Mimosa garden. “We are going to bring you our version of the ‘fondant au chocolate’, which is actually a recipe that Tim and I came across on the Pyrenees a couple of years ago when we were both consulting on a restaurant that had aspirations to gain a Michelin star. It’s a very decadent, soft, chocolate dessert and it comes with an almond sand that we drizzle with olive oil that we has been macerated with lemons from our own lemon tree, which sounds crazy but it absolutely works! We’ve also got our mille feuille of raspberries, a very classic French dessert, which is a beautiful, elegant looking dessert and the best way to eat it is to smash it to bits with your spoon as soon as it arrives at the table, which is also great fun! It is basically homemade biscuit, some raspberries that we have sugared ourselves and it’s filed with a white chocolate mousse. We’re going to finish with something that is actually quite British; our lemon merengue pie with a little bit of burnt merengue and our homemade lemon curd, using the lemons from our tree on top of our homemade biscuit. You get the sweetness of everything, the citrus from the lemons, which offers a super balanced, delicious combination.”

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At this point we have fully satisfied every culinary desire and then some but there’s something about a well presented cheese board and an ability to nibble on it while we chat after dinner that can’t be ignored. “We have four cheeses, all from the island and we serve them with walnuts, some local Ibiza honey and some grapes from our own vine in the front tapas bar”, explains Pedro. “As you can see, we are trying to source as much of the menu from as close to the restaurant as possible and grow our own ingredients where we can, as we want to reduce our carbon footprint and make sure everything is as fresh as possible and supporting the local community and farmers. Ibiza is blessed with an abundance of amazing ingredients and we are creating the most delicious dishes possible from everything that surrounds us.”

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There are many venues that claim to be following this philosophy but with Can Mimosa, you can tell it is serious. As we chat, soaking up the atmosphere a looking back on one of the finest feats we remember enjoying, Pedro lifts the lid on some of the other dishes on the menu, getting us excited about future visits. We look forward to checking out the restaurant’s signature dish, pork cheeks with monkfish in an osso bucco sauce. It’s a dish Tim and Pedro used to serve in London in early 2000 and one that has already proved hugely popular with his regulars. “The pork cheeks are braised to the point that they just fall apart,” Pedro explains. “The osso bucco sauce takes 24-hours bubbling away to reach its depth of flavour and the monkfish is a nice addition from Tim this time, as previously we just did the pork cheeks. It is grilled on the BBQ before going into the dish and it’s our take on surf and turf or mar y montaña, as they call it in Spain. The osso bucco sauce has such depth in flavour, you’re going to want to order extra bread for this one.”

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As for the mozzarella and burrata, if there is a fresher dish anywhere we would love to hear about it. The cheese comes from Massimo, a friend of the restaurant who is based in San Rafael and his story is fantastic. “When the Santa Gertrudis dairy closed, Massimo bought two cows,” says Tim. He basically milks the cows at 5am and we have it on the menu and table at 5pm, you can’t get any fresher than that and he does an amazing burrata as well, which we also serve. That comes with a pesto that we make with our own basil, grown in our organic garden and pistachio nuts and we serve that with cherry tomatoes, again home grown.” For the traditionalists, the barbecued asparagus is a must try, and one we look forward to making the acquaintance of. “We have the lovely Ibicencan asparagus”, Pedro informs us. “Which is lightly barbecued, and served with homemade salsa Romesco, which is tomato and pine nuts, a very Catalan dish normally associated with calçots and we will be doing it with them when they are in season. For now, this is our take on that, traditional but with a twist.”

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Finally, for those of you who prefer a vegan option, or for those that enjoy trying something a little different, the Can Mimosa vegan dish is one that Pedro himself has eaten on numerous occasions. “I eat pretty much everything, from meat to fish and vegetables,” he confesses. “This is a vegan dish that satisfies me, it’s amazing. It’s a braised rice in vegan red wine and then we use seasonal vegetables, lightly pan fried. Its crispy, the rice is soft and juicy and the fresh vegetables over the top are delicious. It’s super tasty and even if you are looking for something light, this will fill you up.” We could have listened to Pedro talk about his food all night, the insight, the story behind each dish and the love and passion that goes into their creation really brings the menu to life.

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Can Mimosa is a must visit for anyone that enjoys great tasting food made with the most amazing ingredients from around the island that have a story to tell. The restaurant boasts a lively atmosphere, the welcome is warm and genuine and there is plenty to choose from on the menu. We will be camping out here for the rest of the summer working our way through this menu, come say hello if you’re in!

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