FMIF Closes 2015

Posted on October 3, 2015

Images: Tamara Sini

Words: Cary Marchant

After a season that saw Pacha transformed into a scene from the wild-west, well a neon covered one at least, it was time to say farewell to one of the most popular parties on the island. Season after season the Thursday night homage to commercial dance music offers a roadblock as clubbers from all over the world descend on Ibiza to check out their favourite DJ/ producer. There are not many DJs in the world that have enjoyed the commercial success of the Frenchman, both as a solo artist and remixer of huge international artists, the fact that his party has remained so popular across numerous summer seasons is testimony to that. Thursday was the last chance to sample the vibrant atmosphere for the last time and helping Guetta say goodbye for the summer was JP Candela, an ever-present in 2015 and R3hab, another exciting international artist.

Pacha FMIF Closing 04
Pacha FMIF Closing 05

The scene outside the famous old club when we landed was a familiar one, queues on both sides of the door, not to mention a healthy group waiting patiently for VIP entrance. This is one of the busiest parties on any given week, for its closing, that has been ramped up significantly. He might not be top of the favourites list amongst the underground community, but there is no doubting his pedigree as one of the most popular international artists. After some patient waiting to get through the saloon doors, we are inside and the main room is going off already. Pacha has an ability to drop walls and create a massive open space, which is what it has to do regularly to accommodate the numbers that want entry every Thursday. The VIP section stretches as far as we can see towards the far corner of the room, with people around tables on their feet dancing from the off. If there is space on the main room dancefloor for one more person, that’s about all there is.

Pacha FMIF Closing 14
Pacha FMIF Closing 12

The production is spectacular, with the wild-west theme carried inside the venue. The sexy dancers offer eye candy for all and you can sense the anticipation that this will be a night to remember. R3hab is in charge of the booth, the beats are chunky, the basslines throbbing and there are more than a few magical breakdowns to be enjoyed. Musically, this is not a party that claims to be educating its masses, although there are loads of tracks we don’t recognize, peppered with some big commercial anthems that serve to ramp up the atmosphere further every time one drops. There’s something special about Pacha when it is this busy, and while it makes getting to the bar and the toilet an adventure, it’s worth it to be part of an electric atmosphere.

Pacha FMIF Closing 10
Pacha FMIF Closing 09

Just when you think the room has reached fever pitch, David Guetta appears in the booth and the floor erupts. Pacha could have saved a fortune in lighting bills at that point if it had cut the power as the camera flashes and the lights from phones videoing the event light up the room. I’m one of those that believes that there is a time and place for camera phones and listening to a DJ in a club like Pacha might not be one of them but I have to be honest it does look spectacular and the crowd does get totally involved in the action when the French superstar begins to play. He drops anthem after anthem, most of which he has either produced or remixed, resulting in more of a concert feel to proceedings. It’s a stunning end to another perfect season for the crew behind the FMIF party. As the confetti falls for the last time, we call it a night and head back to the ranch!

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