Fall In Love With A Llaut At Bohemian Boat Charters

Posted on May 17, 2017

Words: Iain Thomson

Taking to the Mediterranean around the island has become an integral part of most Ibiza adventures, offering you the chance to view the Balearic beauty from a completely new perspective while, at the same time, giving you a day out you will never forget. Bohemian Boat Charters has taken that amazing experience one step further, offering you the chance to skipper your own converted Spanish Llaut and chart your own journey, with no licence required!

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Bohemian Boat Charters has a number of traditional Spanish Llauts available, suitable for all level of sailors, from absolute beginners to well-travelled navigators. The state-of-the-art GPS equipment guides you effortlessly throughout the trip and the boat is small enough for you to control but with that feeling of a larger boat to ensure you have the perfect day out. With a built in sound system on board and a luxurious picnic hamper packed and ready for you, the only obstacle in your way is your imagination.

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When it comes to planning your journey, Bohemian Boat Charters offers a comprehensive service, giving you pointers, tips and ideas that can turn your dreams into reality. Whether your ideal day on the boat includes exploring the nooks and crannies around Ibiza’s stunning coastline; looking for hidden caves and secluded swimming spots; perhaps you want to enjoy a romantic picnic (at an extra cost of 30 euros per head) on a stretch of beach impossible to access from inland or you want to visit one of the island’s rustic beachfront restaurants for lunch, with experience and local know-how, Bohemian Boat Charters can make sure your expectations are exceeded.

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Choosing to take out one of the Bohemian Boat Charters Llaut vessels is not just a pleasurable experience but also a slice of history. The boats were traditionally used as trawling and freight carriers around the Mediterranean coast, originally sailing boats although, now they’re mostly motor powered. They were hand made by Ibiza carpenters, known as Mestres d’aixa, out of pine wood from the island. The Bohemian Boat Charters boats have been lovingly restored and updated to give you an authentic vibe but at the same time making sure that your safety and enjoyment is paramount. Taking to the sea, no matter which part of the summer, offers a welcome change of pace and a chance for an adventure you will never forget.

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