Elrow Takes Ushuaïa Ibiza To The Jungle

Posted on July 20, 2018

Words: Nina Saei

Images: Andrei Oprescu

It is of wonder how a party like Elrow could possibly out-do itself. More inflatables? More confetti? More entertainers? In a monumentally unprecedented move, the audacious fiesta took itself to the iconic venue of Ushuaïa Ibiza – marking a partnership we didn’t know we’d been waiting for. Without a roof to restrict the imaginations of this colourful knees up, things got fully maximised for a Sambowdromo Do Brasil showstopper. Stunning us with bigger production and bolder beats, the debut on Wednesday took us to the jungle and back. This collaboration is limited-edition, though, Elrow fans, so catch it while you can.

Elrow At Ushuaia EssentialIbiza2018 By Andrei Oprescu Colaj6

Whatever move Elrow makes, a monumental following is bound to ensue. Turning up to this opening party, the venue was swarming with people. Kölsch was on stage serving up jumping beats that had the giant inflatable animals all around us bouncing. Hairy gorillas meanwhile ran through the crowd with a sling full of inflatables making sure everyone was suitably equipped for this gawker. Festival vibes everywhere, the crowd was raising it with its energy, as towering giraffes and dinosaurs filtered onto the dancefloor, bumping and grooving through the crowd. There’s something to be said about dancing around inflatable animals busting hotter moves than some of the most enthusiastic guests, no doubt it was hilariously fun.

Elrow At Ushuaia EssentialIbiza2018 By Andrei Oprescu Colaj8

Eats Everything beside Andrea Olivia for the sunset slot was the evening’s corker, dishing up drop after drop, it was the ‘Café Del Mar’ remix that sent everyone shooting, as confetti sprayed the entire venue and streamers exploded onto every surface. The event was not short of papery explosions, fast transforming the venue into a colourful wonderland, every body kissed with glitter and decorations. As night time descended, the sensory overload kicked in. With Ushuaïa Ibiza’s signature lighting and production in tandem with Elrow’s surprises, it was Marc Maya’s onset that had mouths wide open. A hypnotic, humongous, floating Aztec head appeared above the dancefloor, as a single entrancing beat brought in a monumental confetti explosion and the sound of thumping electro. Day to night, the party let up no steam. With just one final party booked in, Rowmundas on August 22, there is only one more chance to experience this phenomenon, save the date!

Elrow At Ushuaia EssentialIbiza2018 By Andrei Oprescu 24

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