Eden Gets Totally Tropical One last Time

Posted on October 5, 2018

Words: Nina Saei

Tropical Wonderland is a place where beneath giant exotic flowers, mammoth unicorns and walls dripping in lush foliage, juicy summer beats fill your ears to create a fantasy clubbing land like no other. From the hands behind Pukka Up – one of the island’s most famous boat parties – the event saw its doors to Wonderland close on Saturday after a second spectacular season. The 19-date residency at Eden has showcased numerous Pukka Up residents, all providing that inimitable soundtrack of vocal-packed hot house movers for a hair-raising night of no-frills fun.

TT 005
TT 003

Dazzling us with a no-expenses-spared makeover, we couldn’t quite believe the transformation Eden had undergone for this Saturday evening. Every inch of the slick, Miami-style club had been coated in winding vine-leaves, humongous inflatable animals and neon-lit tropical fruits – with luminescent pineapples dancing behind the DJ booth. Up and around us the ceilings were coated in camouflage netting sealing us completely into the other-world that Eden had become. The finale roster was made up of Britain’s finest up and coming house artists; Damon Hess, Adam Wilson, James Campbell, Cansen and Dale Nolan. Eden has always been the island’s underdog, situated in the heart of San Antonio, if there’s ever a part of Ibiza to have its signature sound it would be there. House and deep house are part of the staple diet and Eden, along with Pukka Up, are known to cherry pick and host the best in talent in the genre.

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TT 004

It was of no surprise that through the jungles of Tropical Wonderland, James Campbell’s set, standing tall behind the mighty booth, was driving the speakers to their limit with the vibrating rhythms of feel-good house. Blending Jean Carne’s ‘Closer Than Close’ with Nomad’s ‘Devotion’ and a cheeky run in of Hardrive ‘Deep Inside’, the vibes were pulsating as every tune was reminiscent of good times in the sunshine – a welcome boost as we near Autumn! Filling everything in between with gripping, oscillating vocals over funky basslines, Damon Hess took control of the crowd – an intimate affair but one where everyone was dancing as if there was no tomorrow! With the rumbling bassline filling our core and rattling our bones, the thick mesh of lasers bathing the floor had us totally absorbed in the addictive beats. And with the onset of some pretty hefty quick drops, dancers in fierce tasselled outfits appeared from the ‘bushes’ busting out unrelenting power, mesmerising with their exotic flair.

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TT 007

Realising the music wasn’t letting up, our trip to the WCs got continually delayed in favour of hearing what the next banger would be. The night was chock-full of mighty house, beefy two-step and calypso sounds peppered with steel pans for an energy that can only be described as popping off! Our exit into the bright lights and traffic of San Antonio had us realising just what a crazy world we’d been in. If there’s ever a land to transport to when things get weary, it would be Tropical Wonderland. The party tour continues come winter, to some pretty exotic destinations, too – so keep your eyes peeled for more!

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