Eddy M Talks Elrow

Posted on March 20, 2017

Words: Iain Thomson

Born on the outskirts of Barcelona, Elrow adds colour to clubland, with circus performances, inflatables, huge production and determination to put the fun back into going to the club, while at the same time maintaining a credible and exciting musical philosophy, it has become one of the most popular club experiences on the planet. With an extensive touring schedule out of season and a brand new, Saturday night residency in Amnesia as well as exclusive Pool Parties in Ibiza Rocks to look forward to in Ibiza 2017, life is good.

Eddy M (Eddy Merendiño) is one of its trusty residents, at the forefront of the party’s juggernaut journey through clubland and understandably excited about the prospect of the new Ibiza residency. Splitting his time between the studio and the DJ booth, he has witnessed the evolution of clubbing phenomenon while maintaining his own production output that has seen him capture the attention of his peers. With a series of releases set to drop on the run up to the winter, we caught up with Eddy for a chat…

Elrow has become one of the most powerful parties on and off the clubbing capital, what do you attribute to its huge success?
Its huge success is based on sacrifice and professionalism. A great party is the result of great collaborators- we are a big family and we do our best to ensure that everyone enjoys Elrow and goes home happy.

The party injects an element of fun and colour to the summer season, but it still takes its music policy very seriously, working with many of the top international acts alongside talented residents, how important is it for you to have that balance?
Fun, colour and good music – Yes the balance between these three things is very important to me. As residents we must give the best musically and technically, because we have to live up to the guest DJs. Playing for Elrow seems easy but it’s actually not, the crowd is very demanding, it needs plenty of action and positive energy. The Elrow shows while we play help the DJs by animating the audience and giving them an extra boost.

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Huge production, inflatables and fancy dress give the Elrow party a real sense of fun and freedom, what was the idea behind incorporating these elements, was clubbing becoming too serious?
Clubbing should not be taken too seriously. I don’t think you can compare normal clubbing to the concept of Elrow as there is a huge difference. Elrow doesn’t just deal with music, it’s about colour and freedom, a new experience from classic clubbing. Listening to various DJs surrounded by colours and circus performances is unique and when mixed together… the result is exciting.

Elrow moves to Saturday night in Amnesia this summer, what are you most looking forward to from the new location?
For me playing in Amnesia was a dream since the beginning of my musical adventure. I remember my friends saying ‘imagine playing your music in Amnesia’, and yeah now it is reality! I’m excited and curious to see how it feels this summer. I’m going to be working hard in the studio now I have the chance to test all my productions on a fired up dancefloor like the Amnesia terrace – I will not waste this opportunity!

It seems that you have been locked in your studio all winter, with eight productions dropping within a few weeks; how important is it for you to find the time to produce new music?
Music production comes first, I think a good DJ should be a great writer first and foremost. I studied piano, guitar, drums and bass, and I’ve played in various bands of different musical styles. I aspire to be able to play entire sessions of Eddy M productions. Now I do it in the middle of my set and the crowd responds very well. I’m happy with my work in the studio, taking risks with good results.

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Music and Cairo have just been released, you have Magic Funk/ WMC Miami/ Disco Bag/ Trouble later this month, then Anabel/ The Show at the beginning of May, all of which have received great support from your peers already; is there a sense of satisfaction when people you respect like and play your records?
Support is very important to me, it gives me strength and confidence. In the electronic music world I am self-taught. When I work in the studio I follow the music, the catchiness of the sounds and the inspiration. I always try to produce something original instead of the standard. I give it 100%. When the final product is supported, it’s a great pleasure for me!

Which artists are making you excited musically at the moment?
Right now I’m fascinated by Carl Craig, Carl Cox and Cuatero. When Carl Craig plays Detroit style it makes me crazy! Carl Cox is my God, I hope one day to be like him. Cuartero has taken so many risks in the studio with excellent productions. I feel respect for the rapid progress of his career. I think it’s right to evaluate an artist at 360 degrees, not only for the sets that he plays.

What are your top three tips for surviving the Ibiza summer season?
I lived in Ibiza for two summer seasons and I think it’s good to respect the island, not just for the nightlife. Eat healthy, discover new parts of the island and watch the sunset at Es Vedra. It’s not fair to tag Ibiza only as ‘the island of madness’, I have many unique experiences surrounded by nature. It reminds me of the small town where I grew up, riding my scooter, going to the beach, chilling out with friends in nearby forests with barbecues and good music… many Italians… Ha-ha. I forgot another important thing: the food is amazing!

When you’re not working, what is the perfect day for you in Ibiza?
When I’m not working I rent a car to discover more of Ibiza with my girlfriend Anabel, who is also a DJ/ producer. We listen to our sets and tracks in the car, both lost in the island. We want to capture the essence of the wonderful sunset of Es Vedra, and open our hearts to new emotions. We reload energies for new ideas in the studio, and even to love each other more deeply than we do already. Love is a fundamental element in art.

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