DJ Awards Breakthrough Nominee Dennis Cruz

Posted on August 5, 2017

Words: Iain Thomson

Spanish artist Dennis Cruz is no stranger to award nominations, the DJ/ producer has been recognized on numerous occasions by his peers. His innovative work in the studio combined with his ability to test the world’s underground dancefloors makes him one of the most complete talents on the scene.

A master at taking the floor on a journey, using his love and knowledge for house, tech house and techno to ease between genre’s, he has become a popular member of the touring circuit. Dennis cut his teeth as a 17-year-old, DJing and studying his craft as a sound engineer. Working with hip-hop artists and rock bands early in his career gave him an appreciation of various musical genres, crucial in shaping him as a producer. DJ Awadrs has recognized his talent, both as a DJ and producer in nominating him in its prestigious Breakthrough DJ award…

Dennis Cruz 004

You have been nominated in the DJ Awards breakthrough category, how satisfying is it to be recognised by your peers?
I’m so happy, didn’t expect it. It means a lot for me be nominated in the DJ Awards, maybe the most recognised awards in the club world.

What would it mean to you to win the award, or is the recognition for your effort already a win?
The recognition is already a win, this motivates me to keep working harder. I’m so happy to be nominated alongside some really talented artists.

What do you need to do to reach the next level?
Right now we have a great work team and I’ll try to do my best on every set and produce better music, and keep working hard like always.

Which current artists inspire you musically?
There are lot of artists that are an inspiration for me like Jamie Jones, Carl Cox, Martinez Brothers, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Marco Carola… and also a lot of smaller but very talented artists that are producing amazing music every day.

Dennis Cruz 003

Do you believe you can still make your mark on your DJ talent alone, or do you also have to be a producer and have an ability to market yourself?
I think now both go together, you need to produce music and play well as a DJ. I’m happy when people tell me that they don’t just like the music I produce but also they say they enjoy my sets.

How big an impact has social media had on how you go about presenting yourself as a DJ to the outside world?
Social media is now really important. It’s our way to keep in contact with our fans, promote our music, gigs and post our videos and photos from the parties.



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