DJ Awards 2017 Winners Interview: elrow

Posted on October 24, 2017

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: Andrei Oprescu

Images: Tamara Sini

If you have ever been to an elrow party, you will likely agree that there is nothing else in clubland quite like it. An immersive whirlwind of bright colours, fantastical performances and quality music have made the party concept from Barcelona a worldwide success, so it came as no surprise that the dedicated team behind it was honoured with the trophy for ‘Ibiza Night’ at the 20th DJ Awards.

The 2017 season has been a big one for the creative crew, who exploded across the White Isle with over 70 DJs, 1640 actors, 270 stilt walkers, 720kgs of confetti, 1440kgs of streamers and 10,800 inflatables. Out of 18 events on the island, 14 were sold out consecutively, with over 120,000 partygoers made up of 96 different nationalities getting involved in the elrow experience! We managed to grab five minutes with elrow co-founder and CEO Juan Arnau Jr and Booking Director Victor de la Serna to talk about their crazy 2017 season…


Congratulations on the award. How has the 2017 season been for you?
Juan: It’s been quite intense. This summer, we have done between 15-20 shows per month, so it has been crazy. That’s almost one show every two days!
Victor: And not only in Ibiza, we have been touring a lot, too. It’s been a very satisfying and tiring summer, but somehow we managed to survive. Winning this award is a great recognition because this island is a very tough market and there are amazing parties every night of the week. We have been working really hard to get here and for us it’s incredible!

You mentioned in your speech that the elrow team is quite big now…
Juan: Yes, we employ around 300 people now. We have 150 staff members on a monthly salary, but every weekend we have to hire extra performers – like the stiltworkers, for example. During the week we are in Barcelona, creating at the warehouse and the office and then at the weekend we split, with some people going to Ibiza and others going to the festivals worldwide.


elrow has taken over two new venues this season: Amnesia and Ibiza Rocks. How did that work out?
Juan: Both of the moves went really well. Amnesia was a dream for us because we are very good friends with the team and we had been looking forward to experience the club through elrow – and it was amazing. And with Ibiza Rocks, we had a good feeling from the moment we first went to test the pool party shows and it’s been rally, really good.

There is stiff competition to win ‘Best Ibiza Night’. What, in your opinon, makes elrow so different and popular?
Juan: I think elrow really allows people to forget about reality and they become a part of the show. We think about our customers all the time and they know when they enter elrow, they are going to experience something different. I think the key really is that the clubbers are part of the show.


Where do you get the ideas for each of the shows?
Juan: Well, our team is super creative, but we are also inspired by our family and friends. Of course we have some really big, crazy ideas which we can only do at festivals… but now we are planning the first elrow festival in London for next year, so watch this space! Hopefully we will have enough time to produce what we have in mind.
Victor: We literally throw all our ideas on the table and see what becomes reality.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Juan: Now that the season is finished in Europe, we are heading over to South America and then Asia. We’re going to start travelling the world and explore countries we haven’t been to before, which is very exciting.

Do you every get any time to chill out in Ibiza?
Juan: No… Yesterday I took a group of promoters from all over the world, who had flown in for the closing, to Benirras and that was the first time I have been to the beach all summer.