Detoxing Ibiza Balance Style

Posted on July 27, 2015

It’s the middle of summer and our bodies are being bombarded with all kinds of emotions, elements and challenges. Most people will find themselves busy the majority of the time; we’re at the mercy of pressures from work, family and other commitments, and we’re probably feeling the effects of a long, hot summer. Of course, it’s not easy for our bodies that bear the brunt of all this strain, whether it comes in physical or mental form, and in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle it’s vital to take care of our bodies and to try to maintain a sense of balance. That can be tricky sometimes, but it’s much easier to tackle when you’ve got Anika Hölting and her team at Ibiza Balance on hand to help.


Anika is a fully-qualified physiotherapist who’s put together a team of inspired, highly-trained specialists in order to meet all of your health and wellbeing needs. Consisting of other physiotherapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, beauticians and nutritionists, Ibiza Balance is able to advise and help you reach a point of optimum health. And being a mobile service, it means the team are able to come to your door and begin your transformation in your very own home, making it as easy as getting up and making breakfast in the morning.


So how do you begin to try and counter the aforementioned issues? Anika would suggest that a cleansing detox would be a good place to start, and that’s because it helps to purify your body of toxic influences and substances. Take for example the One Day Break (240€), which consists of 24 hours of complete and utter personal indulgence. You’ll get one detoxification massage, one antioxidant scrub and mask and six detox juices to last you for the entire day – meaning your body will be treated both inside and out.


If it’s something a little more intense and longlasting you’re looking for, try the Antioxidant Break (590€), which will put your body through a more vigorous three-day detox period. There’ll be one private yoga class, one detoxification massage, one Thai massage, one foot reflexology session, and again, six detox juices delivered to your home each day. And if that’s still not extensive enough, you can go for the Detox & Yoga Private Retreat (1690€), an intensive program that will leave you feeling fresh, renewed and ready for any challenges life has to throw at you. You’ll undertake six private yoga lessons, one detoxification massage, one lymphatic drainage massage, one shiatsu session, one hydroadvance facial, one vitalising body scrub and massage, one Vitamin Drip infusion and three customised raw food meals prepared and delivered to your door for the duration of the week, so you’re guaranteed to emerge like a butterfly by the end of the week. A detox can help you on the way to transforming your life, it can be the kick-start you need to put change into action and the first step on the path to a healthier, more relaxed you. Don’t delay any longer, today is the day you can become the version of yourself you always wanted to be.