Delightful La Dispensa In The Heart Of Dalt Vila

Posted on September 14, 2017

Words: Tanja Outen

Images: Tamara Sini

It has been a very strong season for the Amar Ibiza Group and its fantastic culinary destinations La Imprenta, Samar, Wasab and original big sister – La Dispensa. All of the members are unique in their own right and worth a visit for a truly exceptional experience. La Dispensa is nestled in the historic cobbled streets of Dalt Vila. Rustic yet modern, it has expanded to a variety of different dining areas scattered in this candle lit narrow-winding path through the fortress. Street performers and an explosion of flowers add to the charm and sweet setting of this eatery.


Whether you choose alfresco dining or inside one of the beautifully decorated restaurants, Las Dispensa offers an experience to remember. One of the locations serves sushi of utterly divine quality and freshness that includes spicy fresh tuna, niguiris flambes and the La Dispensa roll – a perfect marriage of salmon and prawn. The other two have identical menus serving classics with a lovely twist. La Dispensa has truly earnt is reputation as a must-stop visit on the White Isle.


The food at La Dispensa is exquisite. Local and seasonal produce is celebrated and carefully selected, and all vegetables and fruit on the menu are naturally 100% organic. Combine this with an impressive wine list or an artfully made cocktail and you have a great recipe for success. We begin with a marvellous medley of starters – tender and soft calamari with a zesty citrus dip, Aubergine Parmigiana and a totally outstanding Octopus, Kalamata olive and potato salad. The whole repertoire of entrantes is a hit: Los Tartares with a choice of tuna, seabass or steak for example, or perhaps a bowl of picante Mussels, Bellota ham or a beautiful Burrata is what you are looking for to share with friends or not to share, as the case may be.


The anticipation for secundos is now immense and soon we catch the scent of our fantastic four main courses, consisting of Linguini De Gragnano with seafood, perfectly al dente and full of flavour; a mushroom risotto with a trilogy of tomatoes so soft and velvety, earthy and woody like a perfect Risotto de Funghi should be. A carnivore’s heaven next – Carre de Cordero en crosta Provenzal con patatas Pont Neuf – a Provencal herb crusted rack of perfectly cooked and seasoned lamb and the Solomillo de Buey, a beef tenderloin topped with foie and accompanied by a range of wonderful vegetables and caramelised melon. Meat so outstanding it melts in your mouth and leaves you totally fulfilled. We couldn’t fault anything.


For the finale, a last bit of sweetness and the desserts didn’t disappoint either nor does the service in general, it is attentive, professional and friendly. Whilst we dine there is a steady flow of wannabe diners turning up and waiting patiently for a sought-after table. La Dispensa stays open when many other island dining experiences close their curtains and will continue to entertain diners until New Year’s Eve. For a truly special fine-dining experience in the middle of a UNESCO heritage site – La Dispensa is the place.

t: +34 971 12 43 65