Delightful Afternoon In La Veranda

Posted on December 11, 2017

Words: Jason Eybe

Words: Helen Daniels
Images: Gabi Vazquez

Atzaró Hotel Ibiza is about to launch its new exciting concept. I have been invited to experience a brand-new menu, chef and to see how the Atzaró Group has taken back their hotel to the feel of the original finca family home… after all this is where it all began.

Arriving at the hotel, I enter through the main doors and the first thing that hits me is the wonderful smell of the natural Sabina wood ceilings, I immediately feel at home inside the warmth and comfort of this 300-year-old building. The walls are decorated with old family pictures, there is one in particular that catches my eye, an old man standing in a huge wooden tub, squashing grapes beneath his toes. I am told that he is the grandfather, the head of the family and I learn that this ritual used to take place at the furthest part of this very room just to the right of where I am standing. It is hard to believe, as I glance round to see this same room so beautifully inviting with a large comfy sofa and chairs with crisp, white squashy cushions and not a single grape insight.

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Atzaro Veranda - Gabi Vazquez0003-4

The Atzaró group has spent the last four years lovingly bringing the hotel back to the authentic, natural beauty of the original finca home – gone are the buddhas and heavy Balinese dark woods, instead, I am surrounded by natural decor with a luxurious twist. La Veranda restaurant was my focus for the afternoon, a warm and inviting space that in the summer opens its surrounding glass atrium doors onto the stunning gardens with views of the orange groves, oak trees and mountains.

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These orange groves play a key part in the history of this hotel, the gardens are home to literally hundreds of these trees, with the artwork on the finca walls reflecting their presence here. Two log burners are roaring merrily at each end of the room keeping the restaurant toasty and warm on this chilly but sunny afternoon. The ceilings of Sabena and Oak are dotted with Moroccan lights, which dangle like huge bronze oranges casting an inviting light over the room. By now, the seating area was calling me, thick padded cushions to rest my derrière and a further plump white cushion to lean back on. My feet were firmly tucked under the table, this was me for the afternoon, I was not in a hurry to go anywhere for the next few hours!

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Today we were being invited to eat off the a-la-Carte menu, I was introduced to Sascha Tarruella the hotel’s new chef. Prior to this, Sascha had been working at the intimate Atzaró Chiringito at Cala Nova beach and has now brought his ideas here to the hotel, which are in line with their new concept. Sascha has the luxury of having all his fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs directly to hand as they are grown in these very grounds, the fish and lamb that he offers are also locally sourced. La Veranda is also the perfect place for a children’s early supper (or high tea as my mother used to call it).
An ideal meeting spot where groups of parents, friends and their offspring can meet after school or work for a glass of wine and to feed the children from the mouth-watering menu.

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Dishes such as pasta with pesto, carbonara and Napolitano sauces, a choice of omelettes, fish and chips served with a salad or home grown vegetables, chicken or cheeseburger. Chocolate brownie, homemade Ice creams or fresh fruit salad to finish, oh to be 5 again! With the added benefit of a safe outside grassed area in full view of the restaurant and for the children to let off some steam, this is the perfect spot for a relaxing early supper. This is something that can be very difficult to find in Ibiza especially during the winter as the local restaurants do not open for dinner until 20:00. La Veranda restaurant is a welcome treat with their all day and evening service.

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First off the a la carte menu, we were to try the starters. Macrobiotic salad with Quinoa (kinwa as it’s pronounced), wakame, shaved beetroot, dried fruits and a red curry vinaigrette. For those of you not wanting to ask the meaning of macrobiotic, (I’ll fill you in) – macrobiotic recognises the profound effects food, environment, activities and attitude all have on our body-mind and emotions! So, this is one heck of a healthy dish and quite delicious too! I then tucked into a salad of fresh green beans, new potatoes and feta cheese, I really enjoyed this dish and in particular the delicious flavoursome potatoes. So often a potato salad is offered with the potato being served al dente!! In my opinion, a potato should NEVER be served al dente.

Coricancha by la skimal

To follow, we enjoyed the Sirvia fish with roasted red pepper pesto, Sirloin steak topped with blue cheese, pine nuts and a thyme sauce. Next (and my very favourite) was the rack of slow-cooked Balearic lamb, this was absolutely mouth-watering, the meat fell off the bone into the luscious gravy, the fresh vegetables and cherry tomatoes that joined in really complimented the meat beautifully. The desserts were to die for, a chocolate mousse and a scrumptious cheesecake (all homemade), the pastry tart with homemade roasted chestnut filling was a winner, it reminded me of my Grandmother and her wonderful authentic homemade buttery pastry…yummmm! Just as I thought this wonderful lunch was coming to an end, my attention wandered over to a beautifully presented bottle sitting on the shelf. “What’s that?” I asked our waitress. She smiled at me and informed me that it was the Atzaró Orangecello WOW! A homemade version of the famous limoncello made with yes you guessed it oranges. Oh, I was so looking forward to a shot of this… Let’s hold back on the coffees!

La Veranda restaurant is open every day for breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. The set lunch menu is 25 euro to include 3 courses or you can dine off the a la carte menu. The children’s menu ranges from 8 to 10 euro for a main course.

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