Darius Syrossian Looks Forward To Do Not Sleep Opening

Posted on June 12, 2018

Words: Iain Thomson

For fans of underground party Do Not Sleep, Thursday June 14 can’t come quick enough! It’d the start of the latest adventure for the nomadic party, as it takes up residence in Amnesia Ibiza’s main room. Joining forces with other cutting edge party concept Abode, who will take on weekly Terrace duties, Thursday night in the iconic Ibiza venue promises to be a feat of beats. Getting its Amnesia account underway, in a Warriors Do Not Sleep special, Do Not Sleep resident Darius Syrossian is joined by Steve Lawler in a must-see back to back performance, with Christian Burkhardt and Caleb Calloway completing a strong line-up.

Having enjoyed success at a number of venues in recent years, both on and off the island, Ibiza 2018 has a special feel about it for Do Not Sleep. It is set to move into one of the island’s most famous club spaces, inviting an array of the finest underground talent from around the world to join them every week. It’s a huge undertaking but one that Do Not Sleep is ready for, having assembled an army of loyal followers throughout its Ibiza tenure. Darius Syrossian has been at the heart of the Do Not Sleep booth since the party launched, hosting a string of amazing talent and contributing to the electric atmosphere that the party has become known for. As he gets set for the big launch, we caught up with Darius to talk Amnesia, the summer and who he is most looking forward to sharing that booth with…

darius syrossian 1 press pic 2018

Do Not Sleep has led a nomadic life in recent summers, is Amnesia the natural progression for the party?
Absolutely, when it was programmed we made a conscious effort to shift the line-ups more slightly more underground and have more techno and darker sounds. We need a room that can cater for that and this means a room which has an absolutely fierce sound system as well as being a room that can cater for both peak time, big room tracks as well as well as the more deeper, hypnotic stuff and having played in that Amnesia club room I know it is just right for us.

Amnesia is undoubtedly one of the iconic Ibiza venues, how does it feel to be taking on a weekly DJ residency?
Well for me I have always said I’d only do a residency if it was right, not for whoever is waving the biggest chequebook. I’ve seen far too many DJs ruin their career going down that route, sure they getting bigger paid shows but are those the shows they enjoy doing? Deep down? I love what I do and it’s my passion so I want to be at a club where we can express ourselves properly musically and play as underground as we want and know that the majority of the crowd that are coming to the party are coming for the music. It feels great to be at a club where it ticks all the boxes.

Do Not Sleep 2

After one of your biggest summer seasons to date and numerous parties around the world, is 2018 the perfect time to be moving to a new residency at Amnesia?
Yes defo but we haven’t been working with an aim or a goal to be here, I don’t see life as a thing where you aim for a goal at the end of it, i just try to do what I love and enjoy the journey, and see where that journey takes you.

What are your own memories of clubbing in Amnesia?
I think seeing Ricardo Villalobos do his thing there quite a few years ago now, is my favourite own memories of clubbing there.

Having played in the club previously, how much are you looking forward to getting your feet under the table and curating the summer?
I’m itching to get started really! I know that room and I know our crowd so just want to get started now.


Who are you most looking forward to sharing the Amnesia booth with?
So many acts like Cassy, Martin Buttrich, Point G that I respect massively as artists, you know, proper, good artists that have made a name from talent and not any fake press hype, which seems to be a big thing these days. But, of all the names, it has to be Robert Hood really, an absolute legend and icon for the scene and it will be great to have him with us when he plays.