Danny Gould’s Clockwork Orange Guide To Ibiza

Posted on June 7, 2016

Words: Olivia Ebeling

As one founding half of iconic clubbing concept Clockwork Orange, it’s fair to say Danny Gould is an Ibiza stalwart. Having brought the iconic party to the White Isle in the ‘90s – a decade after his first visit – the DJ knows a thing or two about the best places to eat, party and relax.

Returning to Ibiza for the weekend of 22nd – 25th July, when he and Clockwork Orange partner Andy Manston will be throwing a party marathon spanning from San Antonio to Playa d’en Bossa, there’s no better time to talk White Isle memories, favourite hangouts and special experiences to share with friends and family…


When was the first time you came to Ibiza?
In 1989 aged 17, it was a Saturday morning in May and we stayed at the hotel behind Nassau Tanit Beach in Playa d’en Bossa. There were Spanish girls playing volleyball on the beach and I thought I was in heaven!

Do you have a memory that stands out from your first trip?
Being asked by our rep to come to Es Paradis. I said no, so I missed seeing it without a roof. I was too young anyway, as I was not quite ‘clubbified’ back then.


How often do you come to the island?
Several times a year. I was there in April, I’m going to be out again for a whole month in July and then hopefully in October for a long weekend.

How has Ibiza influenced the Clockwork Orange concept?
Oooh, it never influenced it but magnified. In Ibiza, everything is times five due to the sand, the sea, the hedonism and the freedom.

Why do you think the island remains unrivalled in terms of music and clubbing?
It grew over 40 years and that’s a long time; many people grew with it. That does not happen overnight. There are other places that tried, but nowhere is quite like it. I hold parties in Ibiza for a long weekend but I will go to no nightclubs other than my own events, as it’s the island I love – not the clubs. Been there, seen it, done it and made the t-shirt!


What, to you, is the ultimate Ibiza experience?
Formentera by private boat. Lunch on the beach, a slow journey home, feeling all tingly and glowing after a shower at home and going out to fish restaurant Can Pujol around 9pm just in time for the sun to set. Asleep by midnight.

What is your favourite music venue on the island and why?
We held parties at Es Paradis from ‘94 to ‘99. In 1998 we were the busiest night on the island. 3000 + clubbers going crazy to trance is an unforgettable sight, the water party at 5.30am still rocking with over 2000 people and walking into the dawn at 7.30am… We have many videos of those days that do not seem real, was it all just a glorious dream? The amount of people we had week-in, week-out made history. That’s why the name remains strong due to those amazing years!


Where is the best place to eat in Ibiza?
I love Restaurante Can Pujol in Sant Josep. It’s old, it’s rustic and right on the beach, and the mixed grill of fish is to-die-for. There is a dish called Esperdenyas, they are sea slugs only found off the Ibizan coast. Trust me, they are f@@king amazing!

Have you got a favourite beach?
Honestly, I love them all. I love Ibiza full stop! Sitting alone all day dozing in and out of sleep, eating Spanish delicacies and drinking cold drinks with the occasional Marlboro Light is just heavenly to me. I’ve been to nearly all the beaches over the years but simply being on the island and being all alone, by my own pool and house with just the sound of Ibiza, and I just don’t stop smiling.

What about a sunset spot?
There are those that frown at San Antonio, almost look down their noses at it, but the ultimate if I had to pick one would be sunset at Café Mambo. We grew up there, held the first pre-party there, and playing the sunset last year was a highlight of my life. This year’s sunset mix has taken a year to assemble.


Have you got an insider tip for something cool to do?
Forget the lights and glitz and bullsh@t. Hire a mini Moke and go to Formentera with big old drivers, goggles and a hat – else you will get frazzled. Switch off rather than on.

Do you think you could ever tire of coming to Ibiza?
Moons have passed, the Ibiza we discovered has but almost gone, the crazy people and dusty roads laid to siege by motorways and millionaire entrepreneurs. But the real Ibiza will always be there; it’s a feeling, an underlying magic you can’t quite explain yet it touches you in many ways. Fall in love and you’re besotted for life. I should know, I even have it tattooed on my body!