Coricancha ENTER.Sake Menu

Posted on July 26, 2017

Words: Iain Thomson

Richie Hawtin returns to Ibiza with his ENTER.Sake concept, taking over Coricancha on August 2 and Blue Marlin Ibiza on August 3. Wednesday August 2 sees Richie Hawtin host ENTER.Sake in Coricancha, bringing a special tasting menu to the delightful Nikkei restaurant and bar before he takes over the outdoor booth in Cala Jondal on Thursday to soundtrack the party.

For those that have already secured their table for dinner on August 2, from 8.30p until 12am, you can look forward to a mouth-watering pairing menu, sampling some delicious food alongside signature sake’s. A passion of Richie Hawtin’s, the techno titan has hosted numerous pairing menus all over the world, sharing his love of music and sake with fellow professionals and passionate foodies. The menu has just been revealed for the Coricancha pairing menu and there is plenty to look forward to. If you haven’t booked your table yet, you are running out of time.

Richie Hawtin


A clean pure style of sake, with white mountain flowers on the nose. It has a wonderful clean and soft silky texture. The cleansing acidity also provides good structure and there is a subtle fruitiness with hints of mango, peach and pineapple.
Honjozo-Style • Cup Size: 180ml • Rice Polishing: 65% • Alcohol: 14.9%
Cóctel de bienvenida / Welcome drink

ENTER•SAKE REVOLUTIONS is finished by spinning in a centrifuge press similar to a record turntable. As the sake is slowly spun, the centrifugal force gently presses the sake yielding some of the smoothest sake possible.
Tasting Notes: Graceful, elegant aroma. Delicately sweet and smooth with clean finish. There are wonderful tropical notes of pineapple and green melon on the palate without coming off too sweet.
Junmai Daiginjo • Bottle Sizes: 720ml • Rice Polishing: Yamada Nishiki | 23% • Alcohol: 16%

Crystal Noodle Soup
Esencia de shitake japonés, master stock, crystal noodle, sacha inchi y huacatay
Japanese shitake essence, master stock, homemade crystal noodle, sacha inchi and huacatay.

Ceviche Coricancha
Akami de atún rojo, leche de tigre nikkei, nabo japonés, pepino, mandarina china y alga nori Tuna Akami, Nikkei “tiger milk”, daikon, cucumber, cumquat, crispy nori.

This sake is a rich, fleshy sake with a nose of honeysuckle and lemon pith followed by white peach, ripe pear, and winter melon on the palate. It has an incredibly long finish and pairs well with grilled meat or perfect just by itself. This sake is makes an exceptional aperitif with its crisp acidity and a slight effervescent quality that dances on the tongue from gas suspended in the sake during fermentation.
Junmai Daiginjo • Bottle Sizes: 720ml • Rice: Yamada Nishiki – 50% Polished • Alcohol: 14%

Tiradito De Vieira En Aguaychile Quemada
Gel de tomate a la brasa, apio manzana, ají limo, cilantro
Scallops tiradito, burnt aguaychile, chargrilled tomato gel, celery apple, coriander

Uramaki Vegetariano
Roll vegetariano, encurtido japonés, aguacate, hojas de shiso y cebolleta china Veg roll, avocado, Japanese pickles, shiso leaf, spring onion

Nigiri De Cobia
Wasabi fresco, pesto de huacatay, infusión de soja y ají panca
Cobia Nigiri, fresh wasabi, huacatay pesto, aji panca aged soy

This weighty sake is made with clear spring water. On the palate it has clean eshy rice notes tinged with sweet Asian pear. It has exceptional mouthfeel with a silky wieght and texture. It has an umami nish with lingering acidity. It pairs well with grilled meat, sh, or savory dishes.
Junmai • Bottle Sizes: 500 ml • Rice: Miyama Nishiki – 60% Polished •Alcohol: 15.5%

Conchas Salsa Diablo
Zamburiñas, mantequilla de ají limo, cilantro
Chargrilled baby scallops, aji limo butter, coriander

Causa De Chipirón Y Su Tinta
Caramelo de ají limo, mermelada de aguacate y jalapeño, cardamomo negro
Baby squid causa, aji limo caramel, avocado jalapeño jam, black cardamom

Anticucho De Paiche
Rocoto, soja blanca, pimienta verde fresca
Rocoto, white soy and fresh green peppercorn

Chu-toro glaseado con piña y sake, kombu encurtida, rocoto, puré de edamame, chutney especiado de camote Pineapple and sake glazed chu-toro, pickle kombu, rocoto, edamame pure, spiced sweet potato chutney

Hojas Vivas
Ensalada verde, limón y semillas de chia
Leaf salad, lemon and chia seed dressing

ENTER•Sake Silver is an aromatic Ginjo sake with honeysuckle on the nose and oral notes of cherry blossoms. Has good weight on the palate with notes of mango, Asian pear, and honeydew melon. Finishes clean and smooth.
Junmai Ginjo • Bottle Size: 720ml • Rice: Mineharuka – 55% Polished • Alcohol: 14.9%

Ábrete Sésamo
Esponja de sésamo negro, berenjena con tada, shiso y sorbete de yuzu Black sesame sponge, con t eggplant, shiso and yuzu sorbet
*Menu subject to change

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