Clara Da Costa Winter In Ibiza

Posted on December 18, 2013

Ibiza is a stunning island all year round, from the madness of the packed dancefloor in the middle of August to the serene walks on deserted beaches in November, it offers a unique quality of life for those that chose to call it home. One such resident is Clara Da Costa who can be found in the booth at many of the cooler parties during the summer and one who appreciates the time to relax and breath out once the army of tourists leaves. With a passion for listening to and making music that lasts all year round and a radio show, Jacks House, on Ibiza Sonica, which celebrates its fifth birthday this Friday at 18.00 (CET), Clara enjoys the two worlds that living on the island provides. We caught up with her to get an idea of her winter in Ibiza…

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What does winter in Ibiza mean to you?
I love Ibiza all year round every day, every minute and every second. Winter is a lovely time to get back into a more chilled out and relaxed routine, a time to make beats, get healthy and catch up with fellow islanders or simply go for a walk and enjoy the quiet.

Your Jacks House show on Sonica carries on all year but you’ve moved to a new slot is that permanent or just through the winter?
Good question. It had recently changed to Saturday’s but from this week I will be back to Friday’s live from 18:00 19:00 CET Most of the radio shows change time slots during summer due to a high demand for live broadcasts. December 20 actually sees the show celebrate its fifth anniversary, something that i’m very proud of so tune in for that show!


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What is your favourite change in the island when the army of clubbers leaves?
The peace and tranquility and the winter skies.

What’s the club scene like through the winter?
There are always lots of great parties during the winter. I am especially looking forward to DC10 on NYD.

With more free time on your hands, how do you keep busy?
Honestly the majority of my time is spent listening to or making music.

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New Year is approaching and Ibiza has become a popular destination, with more flights landing at that time of year; do you foresee any way that the season could actually run from May until January at any stage in the future?
You never know. The season used to be longer and I feel like it has stretched again (I could be wrong) however, the island needs to breathe and rejuvenate. Everyone works so incredibly hard during the summer, everyone needs a break or we would see breakdowns!

What will you be doing for the festive season?
I’m going to be spending Christmas day with a group of friends here on the island.


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