Clara Da Costa Ibiza 2013

Posted on March 3, 2013

Clara Da Costa has just celebrated two decades on the white isle, the talented DJ, producer and broadcaster has seen the island evolve dramatically during that time. From her early days, when she was known as Miss Bisto, to nowadays when she has an ever growing fan base that call themselves ‘The Jacksters’, she has made a significant contribution to the island.

Residencies in Es Paradis (she was the creative director of the famous club at the age of 17) saw her persuade club giants Clockwork Orange and Up Yer Ronson to come to the club, which saw more British promoters chose to try their luck on the white isle. The following years saw Clara play alongside many of the world’s high profile DJs and spend more and more tine in the studio, capturing the ears of many of the scene’s tastemakers.


Clara is still an active member of the Ibiza scene, regularly playing out across the island throughout the year but it is her show on Ibiza Sonica radio station, Jack’s House, which has won her an army of new fans, affectionately dubbed the Jacksters, through her innovative approach and ear for a great tune, not to mention the flow of new and established talent that happily accepts her invitation to join her in the studio. As Clara gets set for Ibiza 2013, Essentialibiza caught up with her for a long overdue chat…

You could respectfully be called an Ibiza veteran, what is it about the island that constantly inspires you?
It is just a truly special place and I feel the spirit of the island every day. I feel extremely lucky to have made a great life for myself here as do many of us. Not only do I get to do the job I love but have met some great likeminded people along the way. Just sitting quietly at any beauty spot on the island is inspiring.


How has your winter on the island been?
It has been incredible this winter. There have been so many high points. There have been some amazing parties too. One of my highlights would be playing at Sirocco in January. It was a full house packed out with islanders that live for the music. The weather has also been great. There is nothing better than going for walks on the stunning deserted beaches that we have here. Just last week I went up to Cala Conta to pick wild asparagus and rocket. I love winters in Ibiza.

There’s a common misconception that everything stops, but that’s not true is it?
Absolutely not. There is always something going on and as I said before there are plenty of nights to go out to and great restaurants to dine at. We are almost more social as a community in winter as we are obviously not working 24/7 like in summer. Many of us (the DJ’s) also spend more time in the studio producing as in the summer it is nigh on impossible.

When do you start looking to and planning for the new season?
It has already started! I am having meetings, planning release dates for certain tracks for the summer etc. So yes, it is already that time of year again when the rumors of what nights will be on and where, what DJ has this or that residency and the usual of what venue might become a supermarket ha-ha. It is all part of the exciting build up to another season in the capital of clubland.


You launched the ‘Lady And The Tramps’ concept with other Ibiza residents Andy Baxter, Jason Bye and Alex Wolfenden last summer, how did that go?
It was BRILLIANT! We held it in Freddies suite (Freddie Mercury) at Pikes Ibiza Rocks Hotel for about 150 people so it was really intimate. A great crowd came and danced all night until kicking out time. We set up a full system behind a long heavy oak table that all four of us could fit behind with decks, CDJ’s etc. All four of us played back to back all night long also digging out some class vinyl. We had a great response to the party with people asking, when is the next one!!

Will there be more collaborative parties from the four of you this summer?
Definitely, we aim to do at least one a month throughout the summer season and maybe a few more pre summer kick off. At the moment we are all in different places but when we’re all back together we are all going for a LadyTramp dinner to organize what we will be doing. I know that there’s definitely a few exciting bits coming up in the near future with this project.

What else should we be looking out for from you in Ibiza 2013?
Apart from some new production, I can confirm that I will be back at the lovely Es Vive with my Sunday poolside sessions Liquid Sound. It is a tad early to announce some other news as I do not have it confirmed just yet, hence the meetings. As per usual, I will be DJing all over the island at various events and hopefully a few more secret beach and boat parties, which are often my favorite.


Your ‘Jacks House’ show on Sonica has rightly won you an army of fans, how important is it to you to connect with people through music?
Thank you. It is the highlight of my week going into Ibiza Sonica Radio. I have built it up over the last three years at Sonica and it has grown nicely. Occasionally I invite a guest to come in and showcase their production, which keeps it exclusive. In the last 7 months I have had Alex Arnout, Miguel Campbell, Mr. C and Jason Bye come in and do special sets. It is an amazing platform to share music over the airwaves. I set up an online chat page on facebook for when the show is on where a community of music lovers come together. They have named themselves the Jacksters. There is nothing better than playing promoting and sharing music live on radio, I LOVE it.

The party has once again moved outdoors in the last year or so, what are your thoughts on the phenomenon revisited?
It is great to see people once again dancing in the sunshine. I especially love it when we have events on at Sands like Carl Cox´s big birthday last year. Myself and Igor Marijuan covered the party live on Ibiza Sonica and the atmosphere was incredible. Just seeing people completely letting go and dancing on the beach with not a care in the world. It creates a lot of happiness and creates a true Balearic experience.

What are you most looking forward to from this summer in Ibiza?
Everything, I probably don’t know what it is yet! I am obviously looking forward to the IMS (International Music Summit) to kick the season off with in May. I love that we have a music conference here on the island especially as I rarely make it to any of the others around the world. This one is on our doorstep and it is easy to get from place to place. But mostly I am looking forward to simply another season full of music and dancing on the best little island in the world.


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