Circoloco Ends 2015 Summer In Style

Posted on October 6, 2015

Images: Tamara Sini

Words: Graham Currie

After a summer of crazy Mondays, Circoloco was ready to pull the shutters, but not before one last gathering of the tribes. The Bastian of underground music has been one of the most influential venues for cutting edge music, for the DJs and producers that produce and play it and the thousands of clubbers from all over the world that follow it religiously. If you like your dance music on a deep tip, no visit to Ibiza is complete without at least one Monday in DC10 under your belt. When it comes to a partisan crowd, there are few to match it and when it comes to a closing party, all bets are off. The Circoloco crowd embraces the last party like no other, it gets into the spirit, curly red wigs and fancy dress are not uncommon and many of the promoters, bar staff, PR’s and even DJs from around the island can also be seen on the floor for one last fix of that infectious vibe.

DC10 Circoloco Closing Party 06
DC10 Circoloco Closing Party 03

Traditionally the Circoloco closing party reads like a who’s who of underground stars, with three areas to fill – garden, terrace and main room, it assembles a massive array of talent to make sure that it goes out with a bang! Ibiza 2015 was no different, with over thirty artists making the journey to play at the finale. The social media images of Davide Squillace, Jamie Jones and crew on the way to Ibiza by private jet to make their appearance only hyped up anticipation further!

DC10 Circoloco Closing Party 07
DC10 Circoloco Closing Party 09

DC10 was packed by the time we did drop in, the atmosphere, normally electric, was super charged and despite being the last one of the summer, still had a celebratory feel to it and why not, some of the best DJs on the planet were busy doing their thing in two of the best club spaces around. The highlights were many and varied, from the sight of Jamie Jones, Martinez Brothers and Seth Troxler together in the booth, to Kerri Chandler, first delivering his customary fantastic performance and then popping up everywhere to support his fellow spinners and just generally loving the music. It has been a big summer for Apollonia and the French trio rounded it off with a floor destroying performance, as the booth bulged at the seams with friends, family and other DJs checking them out!

DC10 Circoloco Closing Party 13
DC10 Circoloco Closing Party 10

They travelled far and wide for this closing party, there were clubbers from South America, timing their visit to the clubbing capital specifically for this one event! There were workers that have been grafting all summer, taking advantage of the end of season to go crazy one last time. Islanders and locals mixed with tourists and the result was one of the best vibes we have witnessed all summer. The fact that it is the last chance to enjoy the unique atmosphere definitely gives it an edge but the performances from all on the line up made a significant contribution also. Damian Lazarus has been a busy boy this summer and he was clearly enjoying his set, while Nina Kraviz couldn’t get the grin off her face as she danced around the booth. As far as closing parties go, it was one of the best and for fans of the Monday party; you don’t have to wait till next summer for your next fix. Island wise, the New Years Day event has become legendary and the crazy clown will be out and about on tour around the world between now and then.

DC10 Circoloco Closing Party 12
DC10 Circoloco Closing Party 11
DC10 Circoloco Closing Party 08
DC10 Circoloco Closing Party 05
DC10 Circoloco Closing Party 14