Circo Loco Redefining Mondays For Generations

Posted on September 2, 2015

Words: Graham Currie
Images: Tamara Sini

Circo Loco Monday Dreamin’ has taken the world’s most infamous club party at the beginning of the week to a completely new level in 2015. To anyone that has been a part of that most partisan of crowds over the years, I understand that might seem tough to imagine, given that it has consistently smashed it week in week out, but something even more special is happening in DC10 on Monday.

DC10 Circoloco 03

One of the main reasons for the success of this underground party has been its ability to identify new talent and give it an opportunity to flourish alongside some of the most talented and experienced DSJs and producers on the planet. The fact that everyone worth their salt wants to play in front of that crowd in that venue for this party is , of course, a huge advantage and Mondays line up was typically mouth watering, including The Martinez Brothers, Nina Kraviz, Kerri Chandler, Tania Vulcano, Cirillo, Acid Mondays and Djebali, to name only a few, it turned out to be yet another unbelievable Monday afternoon/ night.

DC10 Circoloco 04
DC10 Circoloco 05

It has been well documented but partying on a Monday definitely feels like you are giving the man the finger, doing something that you probably shouldn’t and that is one of the reasons it has become such a popular party. Circo Loco at DC10 is a party that clubbers all over the world fly in for but it also a party that can sneak up on you, especially if you live in Ibiza. One minute you could be in the supermarket looking for milk, the next you are in the heart of the terrace surrounded by like-minded, music loving crazies, going for it! We have been the victims of the Monday afternoon kidnapping in the past but this week we had stated our intentions well in advance and with videos of Nina Kraviz shuffling behind the decks as she delivers a delicious set circulating social media platforms for the last month or so, we couldn’t wait to catch her in action.

DC10 Circoloco 08
DC10 Circoloco 11

Arriving fashionably late is still very much in vogue with club kids but when it comes to Circo Loco at DC10, we love to drop in early and see the party evolve. From the casual gathering in the garden to the full on madness of either dancefloor later in the night, it is a stunning transformation and one well worth getting to the venue early to observe. Even the DJs, some of whom might be more reserved in other booths around clubland, seem to come out of their shell and really go for it in DC10, such is the electric atmosphere in both main room and terrace and Monday was no different. The highlights were many and varied, from local boys Acid Mondays showing you don’t have to travel far for genuine talent and dancefloor appreciation to Shonky, one third of Apollonia, doing it solo and smashing the terrace to the infectious energy that is The Martinex Brothers, jackin the red room and almost taking the roof off and winning the prize for having the most party people in the DJ booth. Cirillo was his usual mischievous self in the main room showing why he has been a Circo Loco resident from the very beginning but Nina Kraviz stole the show for us. Driving, groovy techno was the order of the day and the talented spinner was clearly having as much fun as we were, as she bobbed around the booth, living every key change and bassline fluctuation.

DC10 Circoloco 12
DC10 Circoloco 10

It was another outstanding Monday in DC10, a capacity crowd crammed into two rooms of driving underground beats that offered a unique musical journey through some of the most talented performers on the scene and a vibe that is impossible to replicate. Something happens to everyone that walks through the doors and into this Mecca of underground beats, the energy – from the booth to the floor – is hard to put into words, think deafening beats, think camaraderie of the shared experience, multiple goosebump moments and unforgettable performances and you are half way there. With a few weeks of the summer still to go, there are countless numbers that will experience it for the first time before the shutters come down, if you’re heading to the island and this is not on your bucket list, get it added!

DC10 Circoloco 09
DC10 Circoloco 14