Circo Loco Opening Line Up

Posted on April 11, 2015

The Circo Loco opening party at DC10 might not be the first of the new season but it can definitely claim to be one of the biggest. Traditionally it sees the island turn out in force, joining the early visitors, many who booked their trip specifically to join in the first batch of Monday madness of the summer. The simple aircraft hanger between Bossa and Salinas has become one of the most iconic underground venues in the world, with clubbers making a Mecca-like journey to listen to some of the finest DJs and enjoy the unique party atmosphere.

DC10 Close 2014

When it comes to the opening and closing parties for Circo Loco, we have a plan that sees us drop down nice and early, while the sun is still high in the sky and soaking up some delicious deep house from the early performers as the garden starts to fill up. One minute we have space to dance around throwing some crazy shapes and the next we are part of the huge crowd, moving as one, celebrating the talent on show in the elevated booth. Circo Loco has a reputation for delivering some of the most comprehensive line-ups throughout the season, but the opening and closing fiestas see them go that little bit further, assembling more than two football teams worth of talent from around the world and, with the details just revealed for 2015, that tradition remains intact.

DC10 Close 2014

The opening party line up reads like a who’s who of cutting edge dance music, with many of the protagonists having previously enjoyed the unique Circo Loco in DC10 vibe. Jamie Jones has enjoyed a great deal of success with his Paradise party on Wednesday night in DC10 and will do so again this year, but not before he makes an appearance at the Circo Loco opening. Dubfire has a special relationship with the partisan Circo Loco crowd and will be a popular member of the opening team. Jackmaster played a wicked main room set at the opening last year before returning as a resident throughout the summer, he makes a welcome return and Cirillo is a Circo Loco legend, having witnessed and played a major role in the evolution of the world famous Monday party. The list is as long as it is distinguished, the long and the short of which is that Monday May 25 promises to be yet another outstanding start to the season in DC10 as Circo Loco gets set to welcome Ibiza 2015.

DC10 Opening 2014 with essentialIbiza  photograph by Nic Click Ibiza 2014    image04
DC10 Opening 2014 with essentialIbiza  photograph by Nic Click Ibiza 2014    image07
DC10 Opening 2014 with essentialIbiza  photograph by Nic Click Ibiza 2014    image08